By: Shammi Farook

Penguin 3.0 Rollout Causes Major Fluctuations Over Thanksgiving - Small Business Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - iStock_000010985260_SmallAs many already know, Google released a refresh of their Penguin algorithm on October 19, called Penguin 3.0. The worldwide rollout aimed to demote sites with manipulative backlink profiles and allow sites that were previously hit by Penguin to improve their rankings. Many webmasters and SEOs, however, have reported dramatic changes in SERP rankings on November 27, Thanksgiving Day.

Google has confirmed that these changes are, indeed, a result of the ongoing Penguin 3.0 refresh, stating, “the Penguin rollout is ongoing, and this is just the effect of that.” As we mentioned in our previous post regarding Penguin 3.0, the refresh was said to be a “slow, worldwide rollout.” Six weeks later, this recent fluctuation in SERPs serves as proof.

In short, this refresh is still rolling out—meaning you have an opportunity to recover from a previous Penguin hit. Fortunately, many of those reporting changes in rankings have only positive things to say. This shockwave seems to have allowed sites previously demoted by 3.0 to improve their backlink profile, thereby, improving their rankings. Think of it as a little Thanksgiving gift from Google.