High Level Marketing is more than an SEO company. We are your digital marketing partner – arming you with the data, strategy, and support you need to make informed marketing decisions that will grow your business. Using technology and data analytics, we evaluate the competitors in your market and identify opportunities for ranking above them in Google, Bing, and other search engines and provide the insights to you in one easy to understand performance dashboard.

Every member of our team is your trusted resource

We take our partnership seriously. For the past 10 years, we’ve taken a client-centric approach for creating customized websites and SEO solutions that support our clients' business growth goals. Through that experience, we’ve learned that every client is different and so are their needs. As a true marketing partner, we make it our business to understand yours. Each member of your HLM team will have a thorough knowledge of your market, your goals, and your unique challenges, so we can all work together to ensure your needs are met.

Taking SEO to the next level

Partners in Data: A Different Kind of Team - Small Business Design, SEO, and Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - data-analysisRecently we added an experienced Digital Data Analyst to our SEO team. 

What does this mean for our clients?

  • Our websites and SEO strategies will constantly be aligning with Google's ever-changing algorithms
  • Our clients' performance dashboards will display the data most relevant to growing their businesses
  • We will be collecting data by industries and markets, allowing us to be more predictive in our recommendations
  • We can offer custom reporting that will allow us to monitor or test just about anything  

Improving your SEO performance

Search engine optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. Our data experts must continually keep an eye on industry news, take search engine changes and updates into account and be experts at using data to its full potential.

It’s important to monitor your website usability, traffic sources, visitor profiles, and conversion statistics. We use tools like Google Analytics and our own Footprint™ technology to mine your data and explore the depths of your digital performance to measure and track the success of your business’ SEO strategy.

What we do

Measure: Collect and measure the right data
Analyze: Turn your data into actionable insights that drive revenue-making decisions
Optimize: Increase your conversion and provide your customers with the best experience

What we track

  1. Search engine referrals
  2. Visits referred by specific terms and phrases
  3. Conversion rates for pages, forms, and phone calls
  4. Page visits by search engines
  5. And a lot more

With the tools and technology available today, we can measure just about anything. And if you want to compete online, it's important to partner with a digital marketing company that uses technology and data to drive decisions. As we continue to invest in our digital partnerships, our customers will benefit from the data we collect and analyze not just from their own businesses, but for their entire industry. Keeping you ahead of your competitors; that's just one more way High Level Marketing helps you grow your business. 

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