MUM's the Word on Google's Latest Update- or is it?

Ironically, MUM doesn't solve privacy issues.

It's a new update that takes Google one step closer to better semantically interpreting search queries, texts, videos, audios, and images so it can put the world’s knowledge into the hands of its users at the right time and in the right format.

MUM is short for Multitask Unified Model and is a new technology for Google search first introduced in May 2021

Since 2010 (and probably before) Google has been on a mission to become a purely semantic search engine. MUM is the latest step in that journey. You’ve probably heard of their other innovations and algorithm updates like Hummingbird, E-A-T, Knowledge Vault, Rankbrain, BERT, Core Web Vitals, and others. Some of them probably affected your website rankings for a while.

In a recent article, expert Olaf Kopp provided tons of great insight into the MUM update and Google’s journey to becoming a semantic search engine. It included this timeline:


How does MUM affect SEO?

Traditionally, keyword-based search engines are basically keyword-text matching machines. Content with exact keywords and keyword combinations and the correct markup is delivered higher up in search results for matching search queries.

Semantic search engines use context and word placement to understand search intent and delivers relevant content with high expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T).

How does MUM affect your website?

  • Content is still king and more important than ever.
  • Technical SEO tactics are still needed, but content that is user-centric and addresses the needs, information, and questions your customers have along their entire journey, and prioritizes their experience, will soon be the key to earning the best search results.
  • Sentence structure and keyword placement will be essential for sentence syntax and helping MUM index your content according to search intent.

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