Living and Working Remotely: How High Level Marketing's Staff Balances Remote Work and Our Personal Lives

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The big changes in 2020 have rocked the lives of people all over the world. Work, social, and relaxing time has all had to be readjusted to fit into the safety needs that go with a pandemic. Many people, including those at High Level Marketing, switched to remote work, some for the first time. 

Many people in general struggle with balancing their personal and professional lives. The lines get even more blurred when you work remotely. So this month we checked in on our staff to see what they do to balance their personal and professional lives. 

Courtney Holt

I like to keep my work and personal time separate by having a designated space for working. We transformed an extra bedroom into an office at the beginning of the pandemic, and I gotta say having a separate room really helps turn my brain on/off to working each day. When you can close a door behind you at the end of a long day it really helps to mentally switch to personal time…even if I am still in the same apartment. 

Jenn Rascher

I have found a lot of great success in working from home. My production hasn't missed a beat, I'm still learning and improving every day, and I'm very happy with how my attention can shift priorities when needed.

I really enjoy being able to be more flexible with my family, and the needs of my personal life. Because I have more flexibility, I find it a lot easier to give to the long hours of my career when I need to.

The key? Sounds cliché... listening to your mind, body, and spirit. Take the time when you need to and invest in yourself. You have the ability to shut your computer off, and you have the ability to get up from your work area. Do something for only you on a consistent  basis. My escape has been kickboxing. It has changed my level of focus and renewed my energy!

Michael Cipielewski

As odd as it might sound, I don’t attempt to completely separate the personal and the professional.

With having three kids, a fiancé, and a will bleed into my workspace regardless of whatever door I put between us. While this can be frustrating for some, I’ve tried to embrace these little micro-moments with my family and end up better for it - at the end of the work day, I don’t feel like I’ve been in a dungeon sequestered from my loved ones.

When I am ready to join the family, it feels like a continuation rather than a start.

Jaimi Eureste

Jaimi EresteDefinitely a dedicated office space, it's a space I designed for myself. An area where I feel productive with lots of natural light. When I'm at my desk, my head space shits and I feel focused. When I feel flustered or stressed it's nice to be able to be home and jump on the spin bike for 15 mins or so. Then I regroup and get back to what I was working on. Something I never would have done in an office full of coworkers. 

As a family we unplug on the weekends and are rarely at home, we are out and about camping or off-roading a few times a month - this is my family's version of church or therapy I suppose. Remote work was tougher when my husband worked from home and our 16 year old son was online learning, even then we all had our dedicated space in the house to work.

Mark Hosch

I find that during the day it is important to be respectful of any remote workers/students in the house. Ask “are you having any big meetings today” in case of kid/dog/Amazon delivery interference. Same with me, make them aware of your 11a & 2p. Having something to throw at your kids while they are off screen is always helpful. Helps keep things quiet - might only need to be 10 mins or something quick. 

But on the personal side ask if they need a day out of the “office.” Try to have a hard stop at never o’clock. And when they are in the middle yelling expletives and talking in acronyms. Get some coffee and stay outta the way…and again that goes both ways.

Finding Balance is the Key to Remote Work for Us

Finding your new place in a changed situation can be tough. Day by day it gets easier. Keeping balance in life between work and personal time can be tough, especially when you love what you do and who you get to do it with. Luckily, our team continues to find new ways to create success. 

Jake Belknap
Content Manager