Leveraging Video Marketing to Grow Your Healthcare Practice

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Going to the doctor can be an intimidating experience filled with unknowns. And in the face of many options, patients choose a practice they trust. How do you help ensure patients trust and choose your practice?  Video. Video marketing is a powerfully engaging technique to help patients feel important, connected, and informed about the care they'll receive.  

“Today's patients are seeking out more health-related video content than ever before,” says Chuck Adams, Vice President of High Level Marketing's Healthcare Business Development. "Practices who are looking to acquire new patients and grow really need a plan that meets and influences potential patients along their path to ultimately choosing a provider.”   


Let’s dig into some types of videos you can use to engage patients with your practice and how you leverage them. 

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4 Types of Video for Your Practice

You know all too well how complex and vast the healthcare space is - the good news is that it provides an endless opportunity for video marketing ideas!

1. Tour of Your Practice Videos

The look and feel of your office can be a draw, especially if you’ve invested in a great space! It can also help eliminate some of the unknowns for patients who are looking for a new provider. 

Feature spaces patients will be spending time in, such as the waiting room, exam room, and procedure room. 

2. Meet the Staff Videos

Introduction videos provide a soft welcome and build rapport with you and your team before patients even set foot in your building. Through these videos, a prospective patient can meet team members and understand each individual’s role in his or her care. 

Additionally, many patients research physicians and their backgrounds before scheduling an appointment. Videos bridge the gap between how you appear on paper and how you are in person and can be a powerful differentiator between you and your competition.

3. Testimonial Videos

When individuals are making a decision, they look for validation that they’re making the right decision. Testimonials provide that reassurance to prospective patients and cultivate trust with your practice. In fact, 72% of patients say positive reviews make them trust a practice more. 

Written testimonials are great, but video testimonials go a step further by allowing viewers to see and hear others undergoing similar situations. Viewers relate to these patients on an emotional level and can see how your practice impacted those patients in their health journey. Who doesn’t love a success story?!

4. Educational (Procedure or Specialty Education) Videos

These types of videos are helpful to patients who are trying to learn more about a potential treatment or procedure -- and that’s all new patients!  Will it hurt? How long does it take? What does it entail? While you’re familiar with every aspect of the services your practice offers, your prospective patients are not. There are many questions, and answering those online can better equip your staff for effective lead management.  Procedure videos are important for procedures that are more complex and less well known to the general public, like body sculpting. Creating educational content to help explain these procedures and their benefits can bring more patients to your practice.

When you’re making a procedure video, keep your audience in mind -- this isn’t the place to make a sterile procedural video - make it patient-friendly!   And remember that your ultimate goal with these videos is to educate and differentiate so the patient chooses your practice. 


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Top Ways To Leverage Video for Your Practice

Once you’ve created a video, make sure you leverage it to reach your ideal patients. Below are a few ways to make the most of your video content in the digital space. 


Placing a video on your website provides a better user experience for visitors -- breaking up text, providing easy ways to digest information, and creating a more engaging mix of content. The healthcare journey is difficult enough; your prospective and current patients will appreciate a positive site experience. Video also delivers SEO benefits like improved organic rankings and traffic. 

Add a few well-placed videos to your website -- a meet the team video on your about page and a procedure video on a page dedicated to that service, for example.

Social Media

Use video on your social media channels to boost engagement rates above what you can achieve with static images -- your practice will catch the eyes of viewers with thumb-stopping content. In fact, 53% of consumers engage with a brand after watching a video on social media.

What you feature is up to you, but you should always keep your prospective patients, patients, and your goals in mind. Mayo Clinic created a series called the “Mayo Clinic Minutes” that feature popular wellness topics. One on proper handwashing has garnered thousands of views. Dr. Zubin Damania, known on social media as ZDoggMD, creates playful videos that counter untrue health claims. As a result of his video efforts, Dr. Damania has built a community of more than 1.6 million followers on his Facebook page. 

Email Marketing

Video can increase the open and engagement rates of your email newsletters and email marketing campaigns. 

We recommend including a static image that looks like a video with a play button. The image serves as a link to a landing page on your website or YouTube where the video will play. This method gives your subscribers a taste for the video, so it’s better than a simple text-based hyperlink. And you can easily track these results. Simply log into your email service provider dashboard and click on the campaign you want to check. Here, you’ll be able to see how many people clicked the video link in the email.

Video PPC Marketing

When it comes to attracting patients, practices need to meet them where they are on their journey and online. They’re searching on Google and YouTube for answers to their questions and online reviews, and they’re on social media channels. Consumers spend an average of 2 hours and 23 minutes per day on social media, with 58 minutes on Facebook, 53 minutes on Instagram, and 40 minutes on YouTube. And the numbers rise by the year. YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine & generates more than 3 million health-related searches each month.

You can reach them by distributing your video via paid advertising on the platforms where they are -- we recommend YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Choose the video format that’s best for your practice’s marketing goals. On YouTube, choose from Brief Bumper ads or longer form TrueView. On Facebook and Instagram, choose between In-Stream, In-Feed, or In-Stories.  And take advantage of the targeting options available on these platforms to reach your ideal patient profiles. 

Medical Practice Marketing is More Effective With Video

Simply put, medical practice marketing is more effective when a video is involved. Healthcare provides endless invaluable topics for video content, from introducing your staff to simplifying an otherwise complex and intimidating procedure. When developed and leveraged properly, video marketing will prove a worthwhile investment and an integral part of your practice’s patient retention and growth. If your practice isn’t already using video marketing, it’s time to get in front of the camera!

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