Know What Makes Your Phone Ring?

Now you will – every click and every call! Phone calls are a critical component of gaining new business and the most important step in the customer journey. In fact, 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone.

That’s why HLM created a powerful call tracking product that integrates with your 24/7 Performance Dashboard – so you can monitor calls to your business and stay better connected with your leads and customers.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the process of attaching a unique phone number to a company’s marketing efforts. This allows a company to assess the ROI of various marketing initiatives and determine which ones drive the best results.

What are the benefits?

  • Track Your ROI – Determine what your actual return on investment is for different marketing campaigns.

  • Determine Peak Call Hours – Pinpoint exactly which days and hours you receive the most calls to more efficiently schedule your staff.

  • Target Your Demographic – Determine exactly who your customers are and where they live.

  • Call Recording Information – Discover what kinds of problems your customers are experiencing and what products they prefer.

  • Measure Your Website Effectiveness – Determine exactly which landing pages are actually producing calls.

  • Refine Your SEO – Collect information regarding your pay per click marketing and see exactly which keywords are producing calls.

  • Manage Your Staff – Assess the quality of customer service your team is providing.

How does call tracking improve customer service?

Your team will provide better customer service when they get a head start on helping your customers. Your representatives can find out who is calling ahead of time from a whisper message or a pop up on the screen. A whisper message can provide information such as:

  • Where the customer is calling from
  • Which of your campaigns they called in from
  • A customer’s account number

When your team knows who is calling and why, it can reduce your customer’s wait time by as much as 43%. This could also lower the cost of your call by as much as 35%.

A great feature to use in conjunction with analytics is call recording. Call recordings can be easily added to a report and linked to a recording of the call as it happened. Hearing how your sales and customer service representatives interact with customers will provide valuable insight that allows you to identify struggling reps and coach them to improve their performance.

How does ‘click-to-call’ work?

Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) allows a prospect to connect to your business with one click. Unique call tracking phone numbers can be placed on your website or landing page to help you understand how visitors arrived to your page(s). With this method, call analytics tracks which campaign, keyword, app or search engine led the most customers to your site. Using dynamic number insertion can also help improve your overall SEO efforts.

What’s included in a call tracking report?

In a typical campaign, we track:

  • Total number of calls made by phone number
  • Call date, time
  • Dialed number and campaign information
  • Caller’s location (name, address, if available)
  • Call duration

Do I need to install hardware or software?

By nature, call tracking is SaaS (Software as a Service) There’s no need to install hardware, or worry about upgrading your systems to get set up. As soon as you have the number you want, you can start using it in your marketing campaigns.

Let’s get your call tracking solution started! Contact HLM today.

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