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How do you tell the story of your company and its services to your consumers in a way that’s engaging, elicits emotions, and inspires website visitors to take action? Powerful visuals. Far from being just “design fluff,” the visuals on your site can result in tangible benefits for your brand and company. Visuals increase time on site, help your level of care into your website, they can assume that you place the same level of care and attention into the products and services you provide.

Custom photography can be used in more places than just your website.

We work with clients every day who use their own photography in their social posts, Content Marketing, and Social Advertising. 

So what kinds of photography should you include?

Provide a look at your locations, inside and out.  

If customers visit your physical locations, high-quality photography of the entryways helps guide a new visitor to the right place. The imagery of the inside of your establishment gives website visitors an idea of the kind of atmosphere and experience they can expect upon arrival.  

Show the faces of your business.

Photography of smiling owners and team members makes your business more personable to visitors, especially if these staff members will be the people interacting with your customers. Make every effort to use actual photos, not stock images. Visitors can tell the difference. And, according to VWO’s A/B testing research,  photos of real humans increase your visitors’ trust and the likelihood of converting.

Feature your products and services.

Give your visitors a more complete picture of what to expect, short of seeing and experiencing your product or service in real life. Include photography of your services actually being performed and the results they yield. Include photography of how your products are used and the benefits they yield. 



If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much is a video worth? It’s worth a LOT in the eyes of your website visitors and Google. Video is quickly becoming must-have content for all websites. More internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. Cellular networks are becoming faster. And, quite frankly, consumers are increasingly preferring video over reading. 

Why invest in professional video for your website?

Search Engines love videos and so do your consumers.

In fact, Social Media Today says there are 4 times more buyers that prefer to watch a video about your products and services than those that just prefer to read about it. By engaging website visitors with your video, you’ll increase time on site, signaling to Google that you are providing valuable and relevant content for visitors. In fact, by 2021, over 80% of all traffic will consist of video.

Videos increase website conversions.

Videos on websites are capable of increasing conversions by 80%. They provide an opportunity for your consumers to see your product or service in action. And they keep visitors on the website long enough to see more of your site to drive prospects into your sales funnel

Videos can be used in more places than just your website.

We work with clients every day who use edited clips of their videos in Social Video Advertising


So what types of video should you include?

When determining what type of video content should live on your website, ask yourself - “What is going to provide the most value to my website visitors? What questions can I answer for them?” Consider the following. 

  • Are you offering a product that needs a tutorial video for your customers to really understand how to use it effectively? Product demonstration videos show how your products work and demonstrate the value of them (the problems they solve).  
  • Do you offer services that you’d like to show being performed on/for a previous or existing client? Demonstration videos educate visitors about your services so they know how it works and what to expect. 
  • Maybe your website visitors would benefit from real-world customers sharing their genuine appreciation for your offering? Testimonial videos provide social proof of satisfaction with the products and/or services you offer.

A picture (and video) are worth a thousand words.

What we’ve covered in this article only scratches the surface of what could be done to create a visually impactful website -- website animations, animated videography, and even drone photography and video are other avenues to pursue that can take things to the next visual level. 

High-quality, custom imagery, and video are well worth the investment in today’s digital climate - for the improvement in organic search and conversions as well as use in your advertising. 

Enlist an experienced professional photographer/videographer to ensure quality visual work and a qualified website designer & developer to ensure these visuals are implemented properly on your website.  For a stress-free and cohesive experience, find an agency that can do both.  And get ready to experience the return on this investment. 

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