Is Google's Mobile-Friendly Update as Significant as Predicted?

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Google Mobile-Friendly Update

In recent months, much has been said about Google’s mobile-friendly update, which began rolling out on Monday, April 21st. The update, which modifies the algorithm that Google uses to rank websites in search results, is aimed at rewarding websites that have a responsive design or separate version for easy viewing and navigation on mobile devices. While the push toward mobile has strengthened significantly over the last few years, this latest Google update cements the fact that more and more users are searching the internet primarily through mobile devices.

Ranking on Borrowed Time

In anticipation of this update, business owners and web design companies were told that websites without a responsive design or separate mobile version would see their rankings drop significantly after April 21st. While businesses without a mobile-friendly website may not have noticed a significant change in their rankings and traffic over the last few days, a substantial decline is imminent in the coming weeks. In fact, Google has warned that the changes from this update will have a more of an impact on search results than the previous Panda and Penguin updates that caused many business owners to see their rankings and traffic sharply decline.

As with every modification to Google’s algorithm, it will take some time before the mobile-friendly update is fully rolled out and users begin to see substantial changes in their search results. So, if your business has already taken the steps to comply with this latest update, it is similarly unlikely that you will see your rankings immediately increase.

If your business’s website does not have a responsive design or you still have not built a mobile version, then now is the time to act. Each day you let pass without making these changes could lead to detrimental declines in website traffic and lead generation for your business.

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