Lack of sufficient time isn’t a problem exclusive to small business owners. Rather, everyone struggles to accomplish as much as possible within any given workday. The Author of The Road to Reinvention, Josh Linkner, said it best, “We all share a mutual enemy – the 24-hour clock."1'I don't have time to manage a blog' Is a Poor Excuse - Small Business Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - Multi_Tasking_Male
When considering all of the benefits that result from blogging, any prudent entrepreneur must surmise it’s not a matter of finding time to blog; instead, one must find a way to get it done. As promised last week, here are some simple steps to blogging success even if your time is extremely limited.


If you are limited on time and resources, you can easily outsource blogging to a freelancer or the professionals at High Level Marketing. There are millions of bloggers around the world you can contract to write for your blog and then you would simply post the content to your website. Other bloggers will ghost write on your behalf. If contracting a freelance blogger who is just starting out, expect to pay approx. $50, and up to $150 for an experienced blogger, per 500-word blog post.
There are factors that impact the rate per blog such how technical the content must be. A blog post about a topic such as ‘Choosing the best filter based on your needs,’ for a company that sells reverse osmosis systems will cost more than a post about the benefits of pre-natal massage.

Locate, Comment and Post

Odds are there are existing blogs within your industry in which you are interested. This is particularly important if you are a relatively small player within a large market. Put relevant, compelling blog posts to work for you by commenting on them within your own post. If you agree with most of what is stated, explain why it is true and important—and give specific real-world examples. Share an experience you had with a specific customer for whom you implemented a similar solution or sold a specific product. This approach will instill prospects’ trust in you and your company, and help build credibility.
If you disagree with aspects of the content, here is your opportunity to differentiate yourself, your products and/or services. By explaining why and how the information is false or irrelevant, you will assert yourself as a knowledge expert within your industry.
If you’re not sure where to find relevant blogs, visit to start following any of 194 million blogs.

Discover Time

It only takes 45 minutes – one hour to write a 500 word blog post. Every time you read an interesting article or listen to a podcast that is relevant within your industry, blog about it. Share what you learned and anything you may not agree with, and your rationale for why you disagree. Take it a step further by perhaps applying one of the methods about which you learned and reporting the outcome in a post. As long as the information is interesting and relevant to your audience, the blog post will engage readers and encourage them to return to your site to learn even more.
Check back next week when we reveal tips for entrepreneurs who claim that they are not good writers, nor are any of their employees.

Author: Elizabeth Scavnicky Yaekle