If you’re drowning in awesome, quality tree service leads right now...then you can stop reading this.

But, like most tree service company owners, you’re probably reading this because you’re struggling to come up with and execute a dynamite marketing plan.

Here’s some of our top ways to get your phone to ring:  

How you can spend $20 and make over $400,000

A simple sign will cost you about $20, max.

Get one, and every time you go to a job, stick that sign in the front lawn while you’re there (even if you’re there for a couple of hours).

Let’s say 200 cars pass by throughout your entire day.

What if just one of the cars notice your sign and gives you a call? That’s about 350 calls a year.

Let’s say you get half of those people to hire you. That’s 175 jobs a year.

If you charge an average of $500 per job, that’s $87,500 a year in new business.

A sign will last you about 5 years. That one $20 sign in year 5 will make you a whopping $437,500!

Sounds worth it right?

All you need to do is find a company that will make and print your sign. We recommend a company like Vista Print

Don’t want the hassle of a sign?  Wrap your trucks.

Think about it, you only pay for it once, and it lasts for 8-10 years. If you’re constantly driving around town all day every day, eventually people will start to see your trucks everywhere.

Make it noticeable enough that you can still read your truck from at least 50 ft away, moving at 35 mph.

Keep in mind, less is more - don’t over complicate it. But do include fundamental tree service marketing points like:

  • Company name & logo

  • Phone number

  • Your tagline

  • Any small accreditation logos

  • Basic service offering like “Tree Removal and Tree Stumping Services”

  • Relevant background images

Your trucks should be a moving advertisement. So take advantage of it!

Top 4 things your tree service website MUST have

In today’s digital world, you can find out anything and everything online.

Through one search, one click, and in just one instant, your potential customers can discover (and uncover) a lot of information about you.

It’s your image, and the first impression you give.

And aren’t first impressions “everything”?

Considering that 97% of consumers use the internet when researching local products/services, investing in your tree care businesses’ online presence is probably the way to go.

So, how’s your website lookin’?  

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You need to keep four things in mind. A good tree care business website will have:

Simple, friendly navigation:

  • Don’t complicate it for your customers. Keep your website a clean mean fighting machine. Be bold. Be recognizable. Be you.

Optimized service pages & blog page:

  • Most effective tree care sites include unique pages that describe tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding, etc. It’s important to spotlight the services you provide in the geographic area you provide them so the search engines can effectively deliver your information to the very people who are searching for it.

  • If you offer any other specialized tree care services, include it. You have to be clear about what  separates you from your competitors!

  • Blog, blog, and blog some more. Your blog page should be answering questions your customers are searching, like “What are the Signs of a Dying Tree?” or “What Trees Provide The Most Shade?”.

    • Blogging tells search engines that you’re constantly posting fresh, relevant content. So not only are you answering the right questions and leading them to your services, you’re getting better search engine rankings.

Trusted reviews and examples of your work:

  • Trust is a MAJOR factor in generating leads, so make sure you have a testimonials/reviews page to show off how amazing you are and how happy your customers were with your work.

    • Include the dramatic before and after photos. Show your potential customers what they can (will) expect.

Highlight the local areas you serve:

Don’t forget to include the basics  as well, like a cool bold logo and a lead form to keep track of all of your leads.

Hold your website company accountable

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Fact: you won’t know how well your online marketing is working without tracking it.

Without a clear link between online actions and the effect they have on your bottom line, you won’t have any idea whether your marketing efforts are a wise investment or a risky gamble.

If you’ve hired a website company that is not giving you detailed reports (quarterly, at minimum) of where your leads came from, your cost per new customer, or any raw data on how your website is performing, well…

That’s not okay.

Your website company needs to put metrics in place so you know what's working and what’s not.

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to make ANY improvements to your site if you don’t have any data with which to assess how well (or poorly) your site is performing.

So if your website company isn’t delivering, give us a call. We'll fix it.

Cheap off-site internet marketing tactics can only do you good

Did you know that search engines can connect people to your tree service that are elsewhere on the internet, not just on your website?

Probably not.

But they can. And this is how it works:

There are numerous online directories where you can list your company information to ensure it’s as visible as possible when a prospective client is searching for the services you offer.

Some are free and some require a subscription, but sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Manta, and Yelp are simple directories that were created to validate that a business is part of a community.

Many of your customers use directories like Yelp to find local, credible businesses in the area (we know you’ve yelp’d your dinner before).

Aside from signing up for online directories, you can get some inbound links.

Wait...what are those?!

Inbound links are clickable links on other websites that send people to your website.

A good example of a link can be your city’s local chamber of commerce, or your member profile on the Tree Care Industry Association or International Society of Arboriculture websites.

So if you aren’t a member on any of these profiles, become one.

This helps search engines connect the top authorities in the tree care service industry with your name.

The easiest way to run a great customer rewards program

Your customers are a part of your tree service marketing team. If a prospect calls you and says they got your name from your customer who they know, reward them!

If you make it worth their while, referrals will continue soaring in.

You can offer a $50 VISA gift card with a handwritten thank you note from your team.

Steer away from any sort of credit off their next service. Nothing says thank you like some cash your customers can spend any way they want.


How social media can work (ish) - if you do it right

This one is towards the bottom for a reason. Because, let’s be honest.

Unless you’re going to spend money on sponsored posts, social media will not be a huge success for a tree service business.

But don’t completely ditch it.

Facebook pages may help raise awareness of your business in your community and help your search results.

Posting your before and after photos, blog posts, or special promotions you have going on can help get your name out there.

All of it can help, but won’t generate a ton of sales for tree services.

Need Help Marketing Your Tree Service Business? Give Us a Call

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It can be seen that successfully and creatively marketing your tree service in today’s world can be as challenging as trying to climb a Giant Sequoia. But when all trees were created, so were full-service companies that specialize in marketing all of those trees.

At High Level Marketing, the primary purpose behind everything we do is empowering small business owners like you to understand your options in an effort to make the best marketing decisions for your tree care business.

We’ve worked with dozens of tree service businesses across the nation to develop an effective website that drives traffic and convert leads, check out our portfolio here!

Contact us today for more information, we’d love to help!