How to Increase Website Traffic & Leads for a Roofing Business

For 99% of small businesses online, the name of the game is simple:

a website is nothing without qualified visitors.

And by qualified visitors, I mean homeowners in your local area that are in the market for a new roof or a roof repair.

Or, if you’re a commercial roofer, local business, or building owners (on contractors) in your local area that is looking for the services you provide.

This is why your online presence is so important these days.

The first play people turn to when they have a need or a problem is Google.

If your business doesn’t show up in search, then you’re losing out on a significant chunk of revenue.

Here at High Level Marketing, most of our roofing clients are too busy to handle the online marketing portion of their business.

That’s why they hired us.

But, if you’re a roofer that wants to take a crack at marketing your business online (or you have an office manager that you’ve delegated it to), then here are some areas you can focus on getting found online.

Start by running an online test

Have a friend in the area search for your business online.

The reason you’re having a friend conduct this test is that your results will be tailored to your search and internet history, so you’ll likely see your site on the first page already.

Have your friend search for terms that combine your services + your local area. For instance:

  • Roof repair Detroit
  • Roof restoration Detroit

Start with broader terms and broader geographic regions. Then narrow it down from there.

What you’re looking for is your website.  Where do you show up in the results? Do you show up at all?

If you’re not on the first page, then you have some work to do.  

SERP results first page Google

This chart shows the click-through rate of results on the first page (1-10) and then the second and third pages.  As you can see, the first result is highly coveted; however, there’s a healthy CTR on the top 5.  On the second or third page? Forget it. You’re not getting very many clicks per month if any.

So how do we increase these rankings?

If your site just has general information about your services, info that could be applied to any roofer, then you’ll be ranked accordingly.

You need to outperform the competition online by creating the best and most relevant content for your prospective audience.

Content includes all of the words on your website. Home page, service pages, about page, and blog posts. 

Google's search algorithms (the programs that scan all web pages to determine which ones will be most helpful to the searcher) will bypass you if you're not using the keywords and topics that people search for.

So, the content on your site needs to speak to your target audience and their most problematic issues.  Think about the most frequently asked questions that you and your team receive.

Write them down, and then start writing answers in the form of blog posts. This is a great place to start.

Also, think about the seasonality of your business for content ideas.

For example, in the winter those who need roofing services have been searching for 'snow damage roof repair + your city.'

You should have a blog post or web page that features content on that topic.  Let the keywords and terms flow naturally; don’t try to force it. Google can detect it and you’ll be penalized in rankings for it.

Within that content, your goal is to discuss the topic at length – positioning yourself as an expert.

In this seasonal example, you may want to run a series on winterizing and what a homeowner can do on their own to avoid potential pitfalls with their roof and walls.

When someone in your area searches for an answer on this topic, the keywords and content will help drive those potential customers to your site and give them useful tips should they need additional information later. 

Ultimately, putting your business directly in front of a qualified prospect that could most likely use your services.

Converting that traffic into leads

Now that we’re driving prospective customers to the website, the next step is to get those visitors to convert to a lead (or customer).

The simplest place to start is by adding offers and forms to your website. 

Take a look at this screenshot from one of our roofing clients:

Roofing website conversion example

As you can see from the highlighted areas, the website is built with conversion in mind.  There’s an obvious lead form box on the right-hand side, and there’s a free offer and phone number below. 

Without these types of ‘calls-to-actions,’ you’ll never turn your traffic into leads – and leads into sales.

This is a very simplified examination of driving the right kind of traffic to your website and converting that traffic into leads.  There’s a lot that goes into search engine optimization (the method of increasing your search rankings) and website design.  This is why we recommend that you leave this to the experts, and focus on doing what you do best. 

If you're a roofing professional that needs help with your online marketing, you've come to the right place. We've partnered with dozens of roofers in an effort to build a website that drives traffic and results. 

We encourage you to check out our web design portfolio, see our results, and book a call to speak with us

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