Finding new patients in dentistry can be difficult under the best of circumstances; but It's especially difficult if no one knows who you are or where to find you.

This is a very real reality for those looking to start a new practice or open a new location.

Rather than lower your rates to gain new business, try pumping up your search presence & web design with these traffic-driving content tips:

Searching for You

Over time, computers and search algorithms have conformed to how people find their information.

So how are people searching today?

Well, the odds are, they're searching on their phones.

In fact, for the first time ever, the internet is used more on mobile phones and tablets than on a desktop or laptop.  

This means two things...

your website will need to scale and adjust, swiftly, for all types of mobile sites (we call this responsive website design) and your website needs to be optimized for search terms that the modern searcher is using.

Well-Designed, Responsive Website 

Google knows its searchers, and wants to deliver the best experience to them. 

So what happens if someone searches, "dentists near me" and they end up on your poorly design website that isn't optimized for mobile?  

Google sees that the search quickly bounces back to search, signaling that the website they served up isn't of quality.

And Google and other search engines are in the business of driving quality answers to searchers problems.

So guess what happens next?

Google penalizes your website.

In fact, Google is now punishing all businesses without responsive or mobile website design.

Website Content that Speaks Human

Long gone are the days where we search, "dentist Detroit.

Today, we search like we speak and text.

It's often referred to as 'colloquial language' (search as we'd speak), and your website content needs to contain these most heavily searched for terms and phrases.

For instance, go with keywords and phrases like:

pain free dentist near me

best dentists that accepts United Healthcare

and so on. 

Here's another idea for content; start typing phrases into Google and see what they suggest.  This is a little hack to use to determine what popular terms are being search for. 

You can then use this information to to create informative and interesting blog posts full of helpful tips and answers to your patients' questions, signals to Google and other search engines that you're a relevant expert in your field. 

Which they'll then reward you with higher rankings in Google - resulting in more traffic and potential leads for your dental practice.

Lean on the experts

For many businesses, it makes far more sense to hire an experienced web design and search engine optimization company to keep up with the best online marketing practices.

The online world is fast paced and vast; and you need a partner that will stay on top of the trends; both in technical design and in content - so you're target audience starts to discover you online via search.

This is the ingredient for online marketing success.  

website + search engine optimization (SEO & content) = qualified visitors that are likely to become new patients.

Check out what we've done for the many small businesses (including dozens of dentists) that needed help growing their online presence. Visit our web design portfolio and book a call to discuss how we can help you find success online!

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