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How to Get the Best Home Services Website from Your Digital Marketing Agency

Whether your HVAC, roofing, plumbing, restorations or other home service business is on its first website or its third, the key to getting the best website from your digital agency is to participate in the process. In other words, help us help you. 

Here are 3 agency insider tips for getting the best home services website from your digital marketing agency

Have you noticed, lately, that websites are starting to look alike; even sound alike?

I have. I'm not talking about UX, or the website blueprint, because there are some page layouts that just work best. I'm talking about content - words, photos, videos, graphics, etc. The stuff that people relate to. The stuff that tells a good story. The stuff that gets people's attention, and keeps them diving deeper into your website. The stuff that makes people want to do business with you.

As an information architect and copywriter, one of my jobs is to make your business the obvious choice for people searching online for your services.

But I need your help. I need to understand your business. I need to know what success looks like for you and what part you see your website playing in it. I need to know about your customers. What are their questions, their bad experiences with other companies, why choose you, what you do better, etc. Be willing to put some thought into the questions above and you are on your way to getting the best home services website.

Tip 1: Be Relatable.

Help me differentiate your business. Tell me about your customer's pain points, how you solve them, and what you do better than anyone else. 

You've probably heard the phrase, 'Content is King.' It's true; words matter. You need specific words and keyphrases written and tagged a certain way for SEO or search engine optimization. This tells search engines how to index your page. Think of that as your website's content foundation. 

But we aren't just writing for search engines. We are writing for people. People need to engage with your websites not only to build trust with search engines but also to reinforce their decision to do business with you.

People want to imagine what it's like to work with your business, so let's give them content that tells that story. Let's solve problems. Let's use testimonials to build trust and demonstrate success. Let's make it easy for people ready to make a decision to say, Yes!

Here is a great example of what can happen when you work with an agency that doesn't specialize in SEO and the writer does not understand the client's customers or differentiators. 

It's visually interesting. It looks professional. But this could be any HVAC business. The only thing we know about this business is that they charge $189 for something called a heating and safety inspection. Do I need that for a furnace repair? Can't tell by the copy.

This company might be the best choice for HVAC services in its area, but you can't tell by this page. And by the way, you'll never find it. This website page was buried on about page 7. They could use a team of HVAC content writers and local SEO experts like the ones at High Level Marketing.

Stand out. Get more traffic. Grow your business with a new website and custom content from High Level Marketing! 

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Tip 2: Provide Real Photos and Videos

Whether your website visitors came to your website directly because of a friend referral or because you have amazing reviews on your Google maps listing, people are there to learn more about your business and to see if they can trust you. What's an easy way to build trust? Real company photos.

Real company photos help tell your story.

Photos and videos help people imagine what it would be like to work with you. Pictures, photo galleries, before and afters, team photos, and videos showing your team in action all keep people engaged with your website and increase page time. The longer someone is on your website, the more likely they are to call your business. Not to mention, longer page times and more pages per visit send incredible trust and authority signals to Google, increasing your chances of getting to the top of organic search results.

Show pride in your business and be rewarded with customers.

With today's smartphones and tablets, you don't need a professional photographer or videographer for most website applications. People trust real. We like to see who we'll be working with and we like to see that you're proud of the value you provide and the business you are growing.

Recognize this guy?

He's probably the most used 'HVAC tech' model in stock photography. If he's on your website, it's time for a new one - contact us now. 


3. Let Us Handle the Rest

Small business marketing is our sweet spot. You've partnered with us because something isn't working and you know we can fix it. When it comes to issues like your website is not showing up in search results, your website is not converting, your business is not showing up in Google Maps, or your website is outdating and you want a website that's easy to update, we have the tools, technology, and experts to build your foundation - the right way - and set you up for future growth.

You've given us great assets and all the information we need to position your business as the obvious choice; to tell your story. Now it's time for us to do what we do best - give you a beautifully branded website with unique content that performs well with search engines, and of course, gets you more leads.

When client and agency align

When the client and agency align, amazing things happen. These are some of my favorite home service websites that have stood the test of time. With each conversation, the owners' pride in the value and services they provided came through. They provided insight into their clients, they knew their competitors and they had a clear vision of how their websites would fit into their overall sales processes.

Pilot Mechanical

Pest Cemetary

Roads Paving

High Level Marketing has thousands of success stories. You can see many of them on our case studies page. Or, visit our HVAC marketing page for more information about marketing your HVAC company.

It takes an entire team to get the kind of results we get for our clients, from our proven onboarding process that establishes clear deliverables and our project managers that keep everyone on track, to our production team that includes specialists in website design, website development, SEO, and copywriting, to our success managers who ensure that after your website is launched, your digital marketing goals are being met and you are always being taken care of.

Do you need a new website? Let our award-winning team take your business to a higher level! 

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