How to Decrease Your Cost per Lead Now with 6 Proven Digital Marketing Updates from High Level Marketing

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Did you know billions of dollars are spent with digital marketing agencies every year? Most people think the more money spent, the better the results are going to be. Sometimes that's just not the case.  

A trusted digital marketing agency like High Level Marketing will help you understand the ROI you are getting for your digital marketing investment.

If you are new to digital marketing strategy, there are multiple ways to reduce your cost per lead (CPL). To get started, you need to determine your current cost per acquisition.  Add up your marketing expenditures and divide by the number of leads generated.  Once this is established, you can look into different ways to reduce the cost per lead.


A Digital Marketing Agency's Tips to Reduce Your CPL:


1. Understand your traffic and eliminate poorly performing inbound channels

Digital marketing allows for a much more direct conversion stream than other forms of advertising.  Google Analytics is a powerful tool that allows businesses to track conversion information on their websites.  You may be able to eliminate poorly converting digital marketing channels and keywords if you take the time to understand the data. Far too often, home service companies fail to identify the poor-performing channels driving up the cost per acquisition. Working with High Level Marketing, a trusted digital marketing agency protects you from the pitfalls of DYI digital marketing.

2. Know your audience and target your ideal customer profile

In a world influenced by social media, everyone knows everything about everybody.  Digital advertising platforms offer a wide variety of targeting options for businesses. To reduce wasted ad dollars, target people who fit your ideal customer profile or people who are in-market for your products & services.

Did you know that with digital marketing you can target demographic profiles such as household income and "in-market" consumers who are actively working on home improvement projects? Getting smart with your targeting and working with High Level Marketing will ensure a better quality prospect at a good price.

3. Test, test, and test! Keep what works and crush what doesn't

The beauty of digital marketing is that data is available with the click of a button.  We never know what response to expect until we try it.  As a business, you are able to run multiple creatives, ad copies, and messages at the same time to figure out the appetite of your customers. You may find rather quickly that one ad converts better than another. This testing process will allow you to optimize your campaign to drive more leads.

4. Reduce poor quality leads through campaign optimization

This ties into testing but it’s so important that we want to reiterate it. Let’s look at PPC (pay per click). Suppose you identify you are getting clicks and calls for products & services that your business doesn’t offer. In that case, it’s an indication your digital marketing is missing the mark and a deep dive into analytics and optimization needs to take place.  

What are those optimizations? You can do things like raise/change bids, review keyword match type, and insert negative keywords & Q/A conversion tags properly in order to improve acquisitions.

5. Drive more organic traffic with better Google rankings

In case you didn’t know, organic traffic is free. Who doesn’t want more of that?!  Google provides multiple ways to drive organic traffic to your website. Getting into one of Google’s key positions is the tricky part.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of ranking organically on Google so in-market consumers can find your products & services. With a well-planned SEO strategy, your organic website visits should be your best quality lead-producing channel by far. 

In today’s world, SEO is a critical component for every business large or small.  The single best way to reduce your overall CPL is to drive more relevant organic traffic to your website! Working with High Level Marketing, a digital marketing agency and Google partner will ensure your website and digital marketing are optimized to their fullest.

6. Make sure your website design is optimized for conversions.

Why would you spend tons of money to drive traffic to a website that is not set up to convert leads into customers? We get it. It's easy to get caught up in the business of running your business. But don't neglect your website. Make sure your website is lightning-fast, mobile-first, reduces friction by making it easy for your visitors to call and builds credibility by showcasing your customer reviews. By optimizing your website, you'll benefit from a better user experience that generates more conversions from visitors. Learn more about hig-converting websites built on High Level Marketing's MYCE CMS.

As a preferred digital marketing agency, we want you to make the most of your digital marketing dollars and efforts. If you focus on these simple tips, or better yet, hire High Level Marketing to be your digital marketing agency, you'll realize the most from your marketing budget.

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