Today, many start-ups and small businesses take a stab at social media before they have an actual company website built.

It makes sense.

We're all on Facebook, and we're familiar with the platform.

We've all read the countless articles highlight that one small business that caught lightning in a bottle and went from zero sales to millions all from viral social media

Well, let me be the first to tell you that the chances of you re-creating the anecdote above are slim-to-none.

But, that's ok.  There's still plenty of opportunity to achieve reasonable results from a consistent, creative social media marketing strategy. 

Success starts with getting the fundamentals down.  Before you can execute and turn your social media channels into an extension of your small business website, learn the best practices for posting each social network.

This awesome infographic from Shareasale outlines the best time to post, key dimensions for building a well-branded page, and best formatting practices for each post.

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social media posting fundamentals

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