How do I get more traffic to my website?

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Managing an online presence is one of the most important elements of a small business sales strategy.

Having a dedicated website establishes your business as credible, professional, and trustworthy, but a website is useless if it sees no visitors, no page views, and no prospective customers.

To help increase traffic to your website, follow the tips below.

Never underestimate the importance of design. Trends in website design are continually evolving, and shrewd prospects can identify an outdated website the second they reach your homepage, and may interpret "outdated" as unprofessional or inexperienced.

As a small business, one of the most valuable investments you can make is in a well-designed, customized website. A strategic web design company will work to understand the products and services that you offer, the needs of your target audience, and how your competition positions themselves in order to translate all of those factors into a digital presence that will help you get noticed and ultimately, earn online referrals.

Build your website on a foundation of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a strategy for generating website traffic organically from search engines such as Google and Bing. A well-executed SEO strategy is both an art and a science, but you don't need to tackle it on your own.

A valuable website design partner will integrate foundational SEO into the design of your website. They will work with you to ensure that each page of your website targets a keyword that will help increase traffic of prospective customers. Using page titles, URL extensions, meta descriptions, and strategically developed web page copy will help your site ascend to the top of the search engine results page where prospective customers will be most likely to see, click, and buy.

It's all about the content. Your website should explain what products and services your company offers, but websites that are solely promotional digital brochures will not hold a prospect's attention for long.

Your traffic will naturally increase if you give prospects a reason to visit your site beyond just getting to know you. Prospects conducting an online search are looking for a solution to a problem, or to educate themselves on a specific topic.

By continually offering new, informative content that relates to the products and services you sell, your website will naturally improve in organic search engine rankings and you will generate greater website traffic, return visits, and referrals. Incorporate a blog into your website, develop white papers, instructional videos, self-help guides, and case studies, but make sure they are free of heavy sales language. By positioning yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable industry expert, site visitors will naturally turn into customers.

Incorporate paid search into your digital strategy. Following the tips above will help you to organically increase your website traffic, but incorporating even a minimal pay per click (PPC) campaign into your online strategy can reinforce those efforts and further bolster your page views.

Paid search marketing allows you to advertise your business within the sponsored listings of a search engine results page. Typically appearing at the top of the search results or along the side of the page, paid search results are prominently displayed for prospects that have searched for one of your identified keywords or phrases.

With a PPC campaign you only pay when a prospect clicks on your ad, making it cost efficient and highly valuable from an ROI perspective.

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