It’s understandable that some businesses are reluctant to hire an online marketing company. While the online marketing requires a substantial investment, it also brings the most return on investment in the long run. What a lot of businesses don’t understand is that search engine optimization (SEO) can have a significant impact in the number of potential clients you reach, in turn increasing your profits.

Let’s be honest, SEO isn’t an exact science. There’s no single thing that will immediately give you results. Online marketing companies know what combination of marketing tactics are necessary to gradually increase incoming traffic and search engine result position. The goal of any online marketing company is to optimize your website on-site and off-site so that your website is recommended within the first 10 pages of Google. This means when users search for your product or service, it is ensuring your website is offering an exceptional user experience.

Return on Investment (ROI)

When investing in SEO, you’ll first invest money without seeing significant results; this because it takes time for your website to move up in search engine result positions. Some companies feel like their website just isn’t moving up quick enough, but most successful companies have seen that the best results come with time. Your business will start to see some progress within 3 to 6 months, and a significant increase in customers within 1 year. As long as they continue their marketing efforts, their business customers will continue finding them through their website. When traffic increases on your website, your sales are more than likely to increase - in the long run, your ROI will be substantial.

The “Rules” Are Always Changing

When it comes to online marketing, the “rules” are always changing. Search engines release new algorithms in order to keep “cheaters” from manipulating the system and bullying their way up to the top results. These algorithms are also targeted towards pushing more user-friendly websites with quality content to the top, while pushing less user-friendly websites with low quality content to the bottom. The great thing about hiring a professional online marketing company to work for you is that you’ll have a team of professionals who are always up to date on all of the rules and will be able to make the necessary changes when the rules change. Sometimes companies hire an amateur to come in and do their online marketing; unfortunately, companies who choose to go that route often end up losing money in the long run because amateurs are often not familiar with the rules, don’t stay up to date on when they change, and can often make risky choices based on “guesses”, which will waste your marketing funds and put your website (and business) in risk. Keep that in mind when weighing out the pros and cons of hiring an online marketing company vs wasting money on an amateur.

Increased Profits Instead of Lost Profits

Businesses hire online marketing companies with one thing in mind, increasing their profits. Optimizing your website can help bring in more customers, in turn increasing sales and overall profit. Every day that your website is not optimized, there are people searching online for your products or services and are going with a competitor whose website was higher in search results.You’re losing profits every day to your competitors.

A big mistake companies make is trying to do the SEO themselves; instead of helping their website, they caused their website to get penalized and pulled off of search engines. When a website is penalized, customers won’t see them as a suggestion on search results at all. Your company would then have to hire a professional to fix the problem and hope that it only takes 3 months to get you back into the search engines.

If you’re looking to increase your profits in the long term your best option is to hire an online company to SEO optimize your small business website like High Level Marketing. At High Level Marketing, we are experts in the search engine world and can offer additional marketing services to benefit your website, increase traffic, and increase profits. Give us a call & let’s talk business!