Google is toying with a new feature called the SearchWiki. What is the SearchWiki? It allows end users to add, remove, and change the position of the organic search results. These changes are reflected in real time on the end users results pages. How will the SearchWiki affect your rankings? The short answer is, it won't. Changes to your results pages via the SearchWiki are not reflected upon any other user's search pages, with one exception (there always is!). Google added a link at the bottom of the page titled "See all notes for this SearchWiki". By clicking this link you can view comments and notes made by other searchers for those search results.

The main reason behind my belief that the SearchWiki will not influence organic search results or be used for organic seo is because it is so easily exploited. A network of robots could easily be set up to manipulate the SearchWiki and artifically enflate a site's rankings. This is a blatent possiblity and one Google would certainly not ignore. Now this isn't to say they won't find a way to curb abuse and fraud and begin taking the changes users make on their SearchWikis and allowing it to factor into the organic search rankings.  Some have even suggested Google will check against an accounts email activity to help validate a user.  However, I beleive this to be too easily faked for Google to use it as one of, or the only method of verifying a user is real, and not merely part of a bot network.

It is also a good possibility Google will remove the SearchWiki entirely. It was rolled out in stages and has the label of only being in beta. So for now, enjoy the cool new features the SearchWiki has to offer. I personally do not believe they will take it down, Google has a long track record of keeping new features they roll out, especailly on such a large scale. I anticipate the SearchWiki to become a permanent feature of the Google Search Engine Results Pages.