How Important Are Reviews to Growing My HVAC Business?

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Do Google Reviews Help HVAC SEO?

A lot of HVAC companies ask us if there is any correlation between your star ratings on Google My Business and your organic ranking? And the answer is yes. As a recommendation engine, Google only wants to recommend companies they trust and one of the trust factors is social proof. It knows what people are saying about your business on review sites, social media, and it calculates how many people click on your website from the review page and how much time people are spending on your website.

So, what do we say to someone that might have a strong star rating on Google, but a competitor is ranking higher than they are in Google My Business?

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First of all, we understand the frustration. And as an experienced metro-Detroit HVAC marketing company, the first thing we usually ask is are you Googling yourself or your services from where the business is actually located? Because not only are your reviews a large indicator of where your business will show up in your search results, but your proximity to where the search is occurring is equally important to how Google is going to show those results.

Having more reviews than any other HVAC company within your metropolitan area doesn't necessarily mean that you're always going to be number one.

It's important to understand that it's not only reviews that influence Google results, but it's also proximity too. And then there all the other components that Google looks at it in their algorithm to determine who shows up organically and within the Google maps pack.

Most importantly is website content. Does your website answer the question that the consumer is typing in their search? Because if your website doesn't necessarily answer that question, there's a high likelihood that Google may not show your Google maps listing, even if you have more positive reviews than someone else in town.

So, we look at Google Maps, or Google My Business, we really have to recognize that these are in fact, organic search results. And there are a lot more factors than reviews that influence why a business is going to show up, number one, two, or three.

HVAC SEO is about optimizing all those factors collectively to ensure that you get maximum visibility.

Here’s something else to consider when you’re looking at that new HVAC competitor that is outranking you with fewer reviews and a basic website. Sometimes Google is testing out new businesses. They are always looking to improve experiences.

Just like you and your favorite restaurant. You may go to that restaurant every week knowing you’ll have a great experience. But we both know as soon as a new restaurant opens you’re going to try it. You’ll take a chance even though they might not have any reviews yet or maybe they had a rocky opening and got a couple of bad ones. You’re not abandoning the place you know and love. You’re just trying something new.

Google's doing the same thing. It’s saying, Hey, we've got these businesses that we've trust, but we've also got this new HVAC company to the market. Let's refer them for a while. Now people start engaging with that business, they go to that business' website. Guess what? If they don't have a great experience, meaning bad reviews or little engagement on their website, Google's not going to try that business out for very long and they're going to go back to what the trusted resources; just like we do with our favorite restaurants.

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