How Does Google Rank HVAC Companies?

Ask the Experts with Eleanor

Eleanor sits down with our experts Don (Sr Search Marketing Strategist) and Jon (CTO) to talk about what impacts how Google ranks an HVAC business.


So one of the most common questions I get when talking to HVAC business owners, in fact, across many industries, is what are some of the ways that we can help companies rank in Google?


I think that's every small business owner's ultimate goal is to be number one in Google for all of their desired search terms. I think it really depends on the type of industry they're in and the type of business that they're in.

In 2020, and as we move forward, I think especially for small business owners, it's about being relevant and providing the most authentic experience possible for the consumer. At the end of the day, Google is an algorithm, so it's using math to determine who shows up number one. And we want to try and convince Google through great signals about the business that they should be a top choice for consideration.


Let's talk more about that. A lot of business owners, especially heating and cooling business owners might not know exactly how Google makes those decisions. Like, why might I not rank above another company when I feel like I'm doing things right? I feel like I've got a good website. I feel like customers like my business.

Don, what can I do to help? What is Google looking for from me to, to say, "Hey, I'd recommend your business"? 


When I look at what does success look like in terms of an algorithm, Google is looking at:

Signals that help to determine which website they should rank: number one, number two, number three. And so it becomes a mathematical formula of making sure that both your on-page optimization is 100% as efficient as possible, as well as your off-page optimization. So when we think about on-page optimization, that's really your website and your content, and your pictures. Things that help a consumer when they get to your website, feel like they made the right decision.

Your off-page optimization is something that a lot of small business owners struggle to really understand the concept of: citations and backlinks and reviews, and really all those signals that Google is interpreting when they crawl the worldwide web to really validate who your business is compared to other small businesses that you want to be competing against.

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