How Do I Get More Quality HVAC Leads?

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Help-My Website Isn’t Showing Up on Page One Anymore!

A common frustration we hear from local HVAC companies and really many small businesses in service industries is the lack of phone calls coming in from their website. We get it. If the phone isn’t ringing, you’re not making money.

Watch our interview with Don Marks, HLM Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist and Jon Bowerman, HLM CTO and Co-Founder, already in progress:

First and foremost, if you're a small business owner, you want to know how your customers found you. Was it a coupon book, a personal referral, or did they find you online? If people have been referred to you through a branded search, by searching your business name, are you as visible today as you were 12 months ago? Does your business show up when they search for a general service, like furnace repair? When you're talking about Google, which delivers search results based on an algorithm, it's just a big mathematical formula that determines where your business shows up based on what people are putting in a search query.

The hard part is that Google is always changing its algorithms. What shows up today is different than what showed up last month. And you need an SEO company that understands this and is able to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and can optimize your website and business listings to help ensure your business shows up organically and in Google My Business.  

HVAC companies today, are not only competing against the other competitors within your local geographic area, but you're also competing against a lot of other third party entities that are interested in taking your potential customer and selling them back to you.

You’re competing against HVAC companies and referral sites.

Whether it's Home Advisor, Yellow Pages, Angie’s List, Houzz, or Yelp, those referral sites have a lot of credibility with Google and they know it. Not only is it hard to outrank those sites, if you choose to partner with them, but you’re also still competing with all HVAC companies on their websites.

That is why investing in your HVAC digital marketing strategy is so important because if you've got a referral and that referral isn't able to find your business because someone else's better optimized for your brand name, it's costing you business.

Meaning, If a person looking specifically for your brand and instead of getting to your brand they're getting to Home Advisor or another business that has a Google Ad Words listing that has incorporated your brand name in it, it makes it much more difficult to generate leads.

When small business owners, especially HVAC companies, think about lead generation it’s important to look at investing in digital marketing as an investment in your business to help ensure, first and foremost that when their potential referrals are looking for them, they can be found.

Secondly, SEO helps ensure you show up in topic searches, like furnace repair or HVAC company near me. This is a topic choice opportunity. Topic choice means typically you’ll either be featured in a Google maps pack, which is one area where we can optimize for from an SEO perspective, or you’re visible in an organic search. And then last, you know, they may want to locate other digital marketing channels such as PPC, which is Google Ad Words or local service ads.

To sum it up, lead generation today is substantially different than it was two, three, four years ago because Google has opened up more channels in which potential customers who are looking for their services might find a different path to your competitors.

Maps Pack vs Organic Search Results

Many people see Google My Business and organic search results as separate results. The fact is, the business listings are just the first part of organic and then after the maps are the page results. One of the biggest misconceptions we see across a lot of industries is the idea that your HVAC business could just be in the maps and then the results that come with below that is just where SEO takes place.

But SEO is performed on both. So, if you’re not getting the quality leads you want, and in heating and cooling, it’s the person looking for some type of service like AC repair, it’s likely you need to invest in professional SEO services.

We Help You Get More Quality Leads

At HLM, when we're thinking about generating leads for an HVAC company, service queries are the types of quality leads that we're optimizing for in your market. We’re not interested in the tire kickers where the tire kickers are just looking for ways to fix things themselves.

We're looking for those customers that want a quality company. And the businesses that are struggling to get those quality leads, typically have websites that do not have content that speaks to those types of consumers.

As your recommended metro-Detroit SEO company we look at your website content, business listing, and the channels that are driving traffic to your website or that are driving to your phone number. We look for paid ads or search engine optimization, and your social presence. Those are the things that will drive quantity, but the quality is really driven from your website and that's good.

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