When you’re running a small business, we know you want to get everything just right.

From your unique product and service offerings to your market research, everything needs to be carefully planned and executed so you can be successful and grow your market share.

As a small business owner, you’ve probably done some research about SEO as you planned your business - and you’ve probably attempted it yourself.

You may even know about the techniques used to improve your rankings. You may even think you’re just as good as, if not better than, SEO professionals.

But, if you get even a small aspect of SEO wrong, you can cause significant damage to your business. And let us be the first to tell you, the cost of restoring your online presence is not pretty.

With that being said, when it comes to DIY SEO, you need to understand the risks.

The Dangers of DIY SEO

Plenty of online guides will tell you that writing great content, having pretty images on every page, and link building will get you ranked.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Where most small business owners go wrong with this is that they don’t consider all facets of DIY SEO in its entirety.

They end up with poor content, a bad link profile, and a ridiculously slow site.

The end-all result? Bad (zero) rankings, or worse, a penalty.

Google and other search engines have extremely sophisticated systems to sniff out bad SEO techniques, known as “Black Hat SEO”.

Black Hat SEO techniques are usually deliberate while DIY SEO can be “accidental”.

But in the eyes of Google, they’re the same.

Because of the history of abuse from Black Hat SEO, Google and other search engines have set even stricter rules to follow - one of them heavily emphasizing content and links.

Subpar Content Won't Get You Ranked

Visitors come to your website to get more information about your products and/or services. And if your content is low-quality, you’re convincing them to go elsewhere.

And if you’re repeating the same keywords over and over again to try and optimize your copy, search engines will know you are trying to trick their algorithms.

Not only are you losing a big opportunity to close a deal, but you’re hurting your rankings.

For content to properly resonate with customers, it needs to speak directly to them and their needs.

For content to properly resonate with Google’s algorithms, it needs be relevant, unique, and provide valuable information to readers.  

Bad Links Will Destroy Your Rankings

It can take years of SEO experience to spot a bad link.

Building bad links can do serious harm to your website. If you’re taking shortcuts and buying “good links”, you may see temporary success at the beginning but soon enough…

It’ll be an epic fail.

Buying links for any reason is a bad practice and something Google will find out sooner rather than later.  

Even if the links you pay for are actually created (often the bad directories are happy to just take your money and do nothing) you’ll get no benefit. Google will recognize them as paid links and boom…

There plummets your search rankings.

In Conclusion...

Google and other search engines simply want to offer the best results for their searchers.

So, if you are a small business owner trying to DIY and game the system, you’re at a huge risk.

To avoid this scenario, you need to work on great content, user experience, and build links that actually mean something.

Understanding how to do it and do it well can take a lot of years and teamwork.

Something High Level Marketing has achieved.

We don’t just offer SEO. We offer a user-friendly website filled with great content and a solid link structure that is guaranteed to get you ranked in search engines.

Interested? Give us a call and see how we can help your website thrive online.