Behold the customer service archetype. She’s beaming with a bright, generic smile, she’s displaying a sunny "can do" disposition, and, of course, she’s wearing a headset. She’s always wearing a headset. 

Customer Service

This is the kind of image you see on many “Contact Us” pages on websites, but it doesn’t convey most real life customer service departments. At many companies, customer service fields contentious calls from angry customers. Their purpose is reactionary — they’re employed to put out fires. But what if customer service could do more? What if it was designed to be proactive, rather than reactionary? What if customer service departments actually serviced the customer? 

A Client-First Approach

At High Level Marketing, the account executives in the customer service department defy traditional expectations to provide clients with the care, attention, and forward thinking that is needed to set their businesses up for long term growth and success. 

Each client at HLM is paired with a specific account executive who, in addition to fielding questions and concerns, continually works to find ways to increase the client’s online presence and accelerate the growth of their business. Because the internet is continually changing, and what works for a website today may not work as well tomorrow, HLM’s account executives work to educate their clients about industry trends and changes, as well as any Google updates that may affect their website’s performance. In doing so, they give their clients the skills they need to play an active role in the success of their website and their business. 

The one-on-one attention that each client receives also helps to build a foundation of trust. HLM’s Kristen Volz says, “We try to service the person, rather than just the business. Our clients are more likely to take our recommendations seriously because they know that we know what it takes for their business to succeed. And more importantly, they know that we care.” 

Another account executive at HLM, Brittany Hawthorne, says, “Some companies work on a project-by-project basis and miss the opportunity to connect and build a lasting, trusting relationship with their clients. A lot of our clients come to us after having a terrible experience with another company. They feel cheated and taken advantage of, but they can quickly see how we’re different. As they get to know us, they see how everything we do is working toward their long term success.”

Wes Mathews, HLM’s founder and CEO, says, “The customer service team is really the heart of our operation. It’s easy to think that the sales or creative department drives our growth, but in reality, we wouldn’t have experienced the success that we have without our customer service team.” 

With exceptional customer service driving HLM's success, clients can enjoy working with a company that knows their needs and exceeds their expectations. If you’d like to learn more about the ways you can grow your small business through web design and SEO, contact High Level Marketing today!