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When you've been doing website design and search engine marketing for as long as we have, you tend to learn a lot along the way.

Here at High Level Marketing, we've learned that our client satisfaction is the number one measurement of success.  However, simply building a website and driving traffic isn't enough. We want the traffic to be qualified, so that it converts on the website we've built.  And we want those conversions to turn into warm leads that turn into customers for our clients. 

When those sales give the business the cash flow it needs to expand, that's when the real impact of our work is realized.

The past six years, High Level Marketing has been lucky enough to grow our client roster to over 1,100 small businesses.  And we estimate that we've helped our small business clients hire over 1,300 new employees. 

On top of that, the number that we're even more proud of is our 98% client satisfaction rate. You don't achieve a rate that high without being open to criticism and learning along the way.  Like any small business, we at High Level Marketing admittedly haven't been perfect at every phase of our career; however, we've continuously fine-tuned the way we do business and today we find ourselves as one of the top website design and SEO companies in Michigan (and, in our opinion, the country).

So, to honor those clients that have put their trust in us, we'd like to share some of the reviews that our busy customers have taken time out of their day to leave on our Google reviews page

Angela Ghannam, Law Offices of Angela Ghannam

I have been working with High Level Marketing since I opened my own business this year. I constantly receive compliments on my website and I am very pleased with the the website. They are also handling my SEO and I have to say that working with them is easy. I always get quick responses to my questions, and I feel like they are working closely with me to ensure results. Brittany is my account manager and she is great! My website is ranked higher than i thought possible after 7 months and i love watching it climb- i know i could not have done this without them. I highly recommend their services, and in fact already have referred them to colleagues.

Judy Rae, New Hope Center

High Level Marketing created the web page for the non-profit organization that I volunteer for. Any time any of the staff or myself had questions or concerns we would contact them and always received answers on a timely basis. Everyone we have dealt with has been extremely friendly and patient with us.I handle most of the changes on the web site and have had the most contact with HLM and would recommend this firm to anyone seeking help with or wanting a new web page.

Jim Brandstatter,

When I first decided to get a website, I investigated a lot...decided on one, and was not happy. I waited 6 weeks for anything to get done, I finally said enough! My next call was to High Level Marketing, and thanks to Wesley Mathews and his staff, I was up and going before I knew it. They were very sensitive to my lack of computer savvy, and made sure I could manage and operate the kind of site I wanted by myself. They gave it a great look, and let me have the freedom to continue to change and evolve when I wanted to, and how I wanted to.
As an individual, my site is not selling product, I'm selling me. As a broadcaster I need to drive traffic to the site to provide information to listeners and viewers where and when my broadcasts are airing so folks can find those broadcasts. It's also a place where people can interact with me, and me with them. Additionally, I can blog my opinions on various topics, mostly football, and this site gives me a place to get those opinions out on the world wide web.
Once we were up and running, High Level Marketing left me alone, and I was exactly where I wanted to be. When I have a problem, I call, we fix it, and I'm off again. It's great. It's exactly what I wanted. How can you get better than that? Thanks HLM.

Orlando Leak Detection,

HLM Marketing, has been the best investment I've ever made with my business. They have brought in thousands of calls for my business and have helped us dominate our home area! I've had a lot of companies promise everything, these guys were honest, professional and they delivered on their promise! They also took our cheesy website and made it a hundred times better, I've seen people spend four times as much as HLM Marketing charged for our website and it doesn't even come close to the quality and the amount of content they put in our site! The numbers speak for themselves! Thank you HLM Marketing and everything you guys have done for me and my business!

Erin Leen, One Stop Collision

I have been working with High Level Marketing since 2009 and our business has continued to grow and thrive with their website designs and online blogs and services. I have had the pleasure of working with Terri and Lauren and they have been fabulous! But most importantly I feel like they have our best interest in mind when they recommend changes. I really don't think we could be more pleased! Thank you HLM for helping us to grow with you.

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