High Level Marketing Keeps Your GMB Secure

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You’ve received an ownership request from Google- now what?

A while back, Google added the link “Own this business?” link on verified listings. Since then we’ve seen an uptick in bots attempting to claim business listings. As you can see, High Level Marketing listings are no different.


What do you do if you receive an ownership request from Google? Respond right away.

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove that link or prevent black hat attempts to claim your listing. Your only defense is to click the Respond button and reject the request. Doing nothing will make your business available for claiming.


High Level Marketing Keeps Your GMB Secure

As part of your SEO package, we monitor your Google Business Listing for black hat tactics like this and reject fake claims on your business so you never have to worry about someone sabotaging your business online.

In addition to protecting your GMB and Maps listings, you can rest assured knowing our team is protecting your website as well. 

We recently shared an increase in security measures in response to the Ukraine conflict and the national uptick in hijacking attempts on websites, business listings, and Core 70 listings. To date, no HLM clients have been affected. 

Other website security measures include:
  • All aspects of security, performance, and new features are built, tested, and kept up to date by our expert, in-house HLM team. If there’s a new security, feature update, or technology enhancement for SEO, your site will automatically get the update.
  • MYCE is hosted in a securely controlled server environment regularly backed up and checked for vulnerabilities by the expert HLM security team.
  • Every MYCE site is launched with SSL security which is also favored by Google for search ranking performance.
  • To date, MYCE security has never been compromised.

Keeping your business secure online is just one of the ways we help you not only survive, but thrive in your competitive market. For help claiming your Google Business Listing or adding SEO to your digital package, contact your customer success manager.


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Penny Mayry
Marketing Manager / Sr Information Architect