High Level Marketing Doubles Office Size to Meet Growing Staff and Client Roster

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High Level Marketing, Michigan’s leading web design and SEO company, is doubling their office space in West Bloomfield to accommodate the explosive growth they’ve experienced since launching in 2009.

This office space expansion comes just 3 years after High Level Marketing moved their seven employees (at the time) to their current office in West Bloomfield.  Today, High Level Marketing boasts a roster of more than 35 employees and 1200 clients across the United States.

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Michigan - April 20, 2016 - High Level Marketing, a leading website design and search engine optimization company, has recently announced the expansion of their West Bloomfield, Michigan office. The now 7-year-old digital marketing company has experienced year-over-year revenue growth, causing their current staff of 35+ to outgrow their 1st-floor office.

“If you’ve ever been to our office, you have noticed just how maxed out we were. With all of the new clients coming on board, we had no choice but to staff up to meet the demand. We’ve now reached a point where we have nowhere to put anyone else,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Wesley Mathews.

With the office expansion, High Level Marketing is adding another 3500 square feet of space that’ll help accommodate room for an estimated 20 more employees.  

“By expanding onto the third floor, we’ll be able to open up additional room in our current office while giving us the space we need to add 18 or so more employees upstairs.  Overall, we should be able to comfortably house around 55 employees in the 7500 square feet of space between the two floors,” adds Mathews.

To keep things moving in the right direction, High Level Marketing will focus on helping the growth of the local small business sector by improving their digital footprint through both affordable and effective online marketing.

“We want small businesses to feel like they have someone looking out for them when they work with High Level Marketing, “ adds Jon Bowerman, Co-Founder and CTO.

With an impressive client roster of over 1200 clients that includes a mix of local small businesses, regional and national franchises, and enterprise-level companies, High Level Marketing is staying focused on building a foundation for long-term growth.  They’ve recently formed a board of advisors from three former C-Suite executives of ePrize (now HelloWorld, Inc); including former founder and CEO, Josh Linkner; former CFO, Jeff Blackman; and former CTO, Sagar Parvateneni.

“I’m 100% confident in our business model and product. I am going to keep this momentum going by continuing to increase sales and expand our staff” adds Mathews. “It's now time to build layers upon our strong foundation.”

About High Level Marketing

High Level Marketing began operating in 2009 with only five clients and a goal of creating new and better ways for small businesses to grow through digital marketing. In 2009, High Level Marketing launched their own proprietary web management system, MYCE, that gives their clients a competitive edge in search engine results and allows them to easily manage the content on their websites. In 2011, after two years of rapid client acquisition, High Level Marketing successfully met their goal of a 98% client retention rate by investing in product development, customer service systems, and technology. In 2016, High Level Marketing is still growing, with over 1,200 clients and a continually expanding team of highly skilled individuals.