High Level Marketing Celebrates Small Business Week

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Small Business Week

It’s National Small Business Week, and at High Level Marketing, we’re grateful to be a small business, but we’re even more grateful that we can help other small businesses thrive in an economy where that’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

Today, more than half of the American workforce owns or is employed by a small business, but that doesn’t make it easy for them to succeed at a time when big business is king. Sure, most people like the idea of supporting a small business, but it’s so easy to purchase products and services from big box retailers and national chains that many of us rarely do it.

This is the reason why High Level Marketing exists.

“We’re trying to preserve a small business economy,” says HLM partner and CTO, Jon Bowerman.  “I know that small businesses make our world a better place to live. I don’t want to see a Walmart in every town, and that’s what gets me out of bed each morning.”

It takes a lot more for small businesses to succeed now than it did in the past. In addition to providing high quality products and services, business owners are expected to be digitally savvy as well. They can’t just rely on foot traffic and word of mouth, they need to easily be found online. The modern consumer is much more likely to support a business they found through a Google search than one they drive or walk past on their way to work, so having an effective website and marketing it in the right way is key to the success of small businesses in every industry.

“Everything is digital today. Websites matter, and digital marketing matters,” says HLM’s founder and CEO, Wes Mathews. “HLM is dedicated to bringing our customers growth through the power of digital marketing, and it all starts with their website.”

HLM is the ideal partner for any small business that wants to expand its reach and build for long term success. When small business owners partner with HLM, they can spend more time focusing on providing exceptional service to their customers, and less time worrying about their online presence.

Since 2009, HLM has had the privilege of serving small businesses in a wide range of industries. To learn how HLM can help your business grow through web design and search engine optimization, contact us today!