High Level Marketing Announces Release of MYCE 2.0

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Nov. 5, 2014

West Bloomfield, MI (PRWEB)

High Level Marketing (HLM) is pleased to officially announce the release of MYCE™ 2.0. 

Originally trademarked in Sept. of 2010, the MYCE™ content manager is a CMS (Content Management System) that enables businesses of all sizes to manage their content and customers easily.  This Application Service Provider (ASP) featuring customizable software is extremely flexible in that allows for infinite design possibilities.

HLM helps businesses obtain new customers through affordable, results-driven, website design and search engine marketing.  The MYCE™ content manager is included in every website built by HLM and can be scaled to fit any businesses’ needs.  In addition to updating and maintaining clients’ own websites, they can easily track customer site usage and associated customer-specific costs.  They end result is priceless—real-time ROI insights no matter what type of device the user chooses. 

Users who tend to be technologically challenged rave about its ease of use and capabilities primarily because they are able to add additional pages, forms, etc. to their websites in mere minutes.  Small business owners are particularly passionate about MYCE™ because they can communicate with their current and potential customers efficiently and quickly.  More importantly, users can segment their prospects and customers in order to customize communications and maximize sales opportunities.

For example, a company seeking to increase its conversion rates may test a variety of offers across different target market segments.  MYCE™ enables the user to organize the company’s leads by category, for example by the prospects’ size, so that the user can offer more compelling offers to larger companies and lesser incentives to smaller companies.  The user can easily display special offers by uploading them to the website using MYCE™ or export their customer database from MYCE™ in order to create the distribution list for the tiered offers, then subsequently blast them from their email marketing management system. 

The MYCE™ 2.0 update features improved usability and visibility.  The interface has been optimized so that users can even more easily plug and play—swap videos, offers, images, pages and more.  The interface for many of MYCE™ features is better.  For example, in less than ten minutes, a user can create an event including RSVP and sharing options to announce the event to the company’s social media channels and ensure maximum participation.

HLM has already received rave reviews from clients who are excited about the autonomy that MYCE™ 2.0 provides them when updating their websites and managing their current and prospective customers.  One client stated, “MYCE™ 2.0 is amazing!  You really only need to know how to use Microsoft Word to operate MYCE™.  Better yet, the file suite is so easy to use because everything is organized including our entire archive of images, which saves me lots of time and energy.  The updates have enabled our marketing team to generate daily special offers, targeted weekly newsletters and so much more.”

Bottom line, MYCE™ is a CMS every small business owner needs because it allows for infinite design possibilities regardless of the user’s technical capabilities.

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About High Level Marketing

Incorporated in 2006, the primary focus of High Level Marketing’s first three years in business was research and development.  During this period, the company performed comprehensive beta testing with clients to ensure their competitive edge in search engine results and ease of use with MYCE™, HLM’s unique website management system.  HLM helps businesses obtain new customers through affordable, results-driven, website design and search engine marketing. 

Source: Jon Bowerman, CTO and Co- Founder of High Level Marketing
Writer: Liz Scavnicky Yaekle