HLM Culture Spotlight: Our 2020 Annual Golf Outing

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After six months of working remotely, we at High Level Marketing have learned to do our work remotely. Though we continue to take care of business, we haven’t been face to face with our teams or the whole company for that time. Luckily, the annual summer golf outing at HLM came up just when we needed it. Many of our staff love playing golf regularly and most of the others enjoy the outdoors (or at least the cart rides and drink cart stops). 

As it turned out, the weather was perfect, we got to hang out together, and enjoy the outdoors. Below are some highlights from the day. 

But What About COVID?

We get it, COVID-19 is a big deal. We had to make sure this optional event could happen without putting our staff at risk of infection. Since March, Zoom happy hours, co-worker-led classes, and weekly all-team huddles have been the only work contact that kept us feeling united. 

Our COO, Robb Lippit, keeps our safety and unity in mind while helping HLM to become a lean, mean, more efficient team. He set us up with a set of guidelines for the day so we could be safe while having fun. Some people chose to stay at work for the day, but we kept them involved with pictures and updates throughout the day. Personally, I was nervous about going to the event until I read the rules he set forth. 

And I’m glad I joined. 

Getting Hyped Before the Big Day

The fun started in typical 2020 fashion, via chat. Scott Peltier, an SEO Specialist, got us started in a new chatroom for the event. 

Scott invites his co-workers to a golf outing chatroom.
Then we had some wild predictions about the fun to come from Mark Hosch, one of our Sales Representatives. From whose fairway he would need to play from to the number of White Claws teams would go through to who would sink a “200 feet of putts,” the man who sunk a hole-in-one and shot an 8-point buck in one day had many insights to share. By the way, Hosch’s name is on the Cattails Golf Club website for sinking that hole-in-one.

I know what you are thinking…

HLM staff build enthusiasm for the golf outing event. let’s get to the big day.

The Fourth Annual HLM Golf Outing

Armed with mimosas, enthusiasm, and in some cases, someone else’s clubs, we set out in our carts for a day of fun. We had some good poses, some people made some animal friends, while others carried their team. Check it out:

A team pose during the golf outing - still working!

Staff members at HLM can be friends, but on the golf course, they are also rivals.

Some HLM staff members pose for a quick picture during the HLM golf outing.

Steve makes friends with a turtle on the golf course.Wes makes friends with some birds during the HLM golf outing

An SEO Company that Doesn’t Forget About the Human Side of Business

We are living through strange times. We have been stressed and struggled to adjust, just like anyone else during this year. Fortunately, we have the right people in the right seats at High Level Marketing. We have found new ways to connect digitally that keep us motivated, getting things done, and having some fun in the meantime. Though how we do our jobs has changed, we’ll keep finding ways to support each other and get things done. 

Jake Belknap
Content Manager