HLM Attends Detroit's First Annual FUEL Leadership Conference

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A select group of High Level Marketing’s employees recently had the pleasure of attending the first annual FUEL leadership conference in Detroit.

The event was sponsored by Detroit’s most recognized businesses and organizations, such as EY, the Detroit Free Press, and Crain’s Detroit Business.

It brought together some of the world’s top business and community leaders who offered thoughtful and practical approaches to leadership that attendees could put to practice in their own businesses. The ideas presented not only focused on building a successful business, but they also shared the common theme of “fueling” Detroit’s economic recovery. The conference helped to cement the fact that Detroit’s rebirth IS happening, and the presenters demonstrated how a strategic drive has helped to accelerate the transformation of the Motor City.

Magic Johnson at FUEL Leadership Conference in Detroit 

The speakers shared conventional wisdom, celebrated innovation, and spoke about the ways in which they are committed to making a positive change in Detroit. HLM’s representatives at the conference were inspired by the journeys of each presenter and walked away with new ideas and strategies for success - both in business and in the community at large.

Governor Rick Snyder at FUEL Leadership Conference in Detroit

Key quotes from the speakers:

“Investments have to build the brand, the community, and generate money. You need all 3, or it doesn’t work.” Magic Johnson

“Culture is the secret sauce, but no one knows the recipe. Leadership needs to cultivate culture.” Adam Lowry, Co-Founder of Method Co.

“Finding mentors is not about chronological age, it’s about what people know that you can learn from.” Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder

“The greatest limitation you face is you. Don’t fear change, manage it.” Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder

“Identify competitors’ biggest strength and turn it around and use it for your gain.” Josh Linkner, FUEL Chairman & Co-Founder

“The guy that invented the ship also invented shipwreck. If failure is not an option, then neither is success.” Seth Godin, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Value is created by connection, not the latest machine you own.” Seth Godin, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“It’s easy to be a victim, but it’s much more exciting to see the challenges as opportunities. Dream with a deadline, accept defeat, and lead with positive leadership.” Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor Company

HLM’s founder and CEO, Wes Mathews, said, “I was extremely excited to support my board member Josh Linkner at FUEL. Josh and his team really delivered. It was much more than just your average event. The speakers were inspiring and represented true leadership. I am excited to see what FUEL 2016 will bring.”

Wes Mathews and Governor Rick Snyder

EY, the presenting sponsor of the event, has been committed to building a better Detroit for more than 100 years. Their dedication to helping business owners build the skills they need to realize their ambition inspires the efforts at High Level Marketing as they work to help Michigan’s small businesses owners grow in their market and build a foundation for future success.

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