Google Ranking Factors for HVAC Companies

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How Can I Help Get My HVAC Website to Rank on Google Page One?

Watch our interview with Don Marks, HLM Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist and Jon Bowerman, HLM CTO and Co-Founder, already in progress:

One of the most common questions we get asked from HVAC owners is how does HLM help HVAC businesses rank on Google and other search engines? And really, this is a common question we get from small business owners in every industry we work with. After all, isn’t the ultimate goal to be number one in Google for all services and search terms related to that industry? The answer is, of course, "it depends." It depends on the type of industry they're in and the type of business that they're in, and what customers are searching for. HLM professional HVAC marketing services in Metro-Detroit help HVAC companies compete in their local market and beyond. 

If You Want Better Page Rankings You Need More Authority

However, in 2020 and as we move forward, what’s especially important for small business owners to remember, is that search engines, especially Google, are ranking websites in terms of authority. Now, it’s less about keywords and more about authority. It’s about being relevant and providing the most authentic experience possible for the consumer.

At the end of the day, Google is an algorithm.  It uses math to determine who shows up number one. And our goal is to convince Google, through great signals, that your business can be trusted, is an authority, and should be a top choice for consideration to answer search queries.

So how exactly does Google make those decisions? What are some reasons your HVAC company might not rank above another HVAC company when you feel like you’re doing things right? For example, you’ve got a great website and customers like your business. Yet, your competitors with terrible reviews and a mediocre website are still outranking you. It's most likely due to on-page and off-page optimization.

What is On-Page Optimization vs Off-Page Optimization

It boils down to determining what signals Google uses to help determine which HVAC websites in your area they should rank number one, number two, number three. It essentially becomes a mathematical formula of making sure that both your on-page and off-page optimization is 100% as efficient as possible.

When we think about on-page optimization, that's really your website and your content, your pictures. It’s things that help a consumer when they get to your website, feel like they made the right decision. Your off-page optimization is something that a lot of small business owners struggle to really understand.

Off-page optimization starts with citations and backlinks and reviews, and really all those signals that Google is interpreting when they crawl the world wide web to really validate who your HVAC business is compared to other HVAC businesses you are competing against.

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