Google Core Web Vitals Update

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What Are Google Core Web Vitals? 

There are specific components to every website that Google considers necessary for overall user experience.  Each component of the Core Web Vitals is a complex evaluation that is directly related to the user experience: 
  • LCP - Largest Contentful Paint Page   (Load Speed)
  • FID - First Input Delay   (User Response/Site Engagement)
  • CLS - Cumulative Layout Shift   (Visual Layout of the Site)
Our team of Website Development experts are actively performing the following steps to increase the Core Vitals and Page Speed Score on your site:
  1. Optimizing compression and format of large website images.
  2. Preloading large files, including fonts, to prevent and reduce render blocking.
  3. Adding image Aspect Ratio to assets where necessary to reduce CLS score.
  4. Running multiple tests on each site to optimize on an individual basis.
  5. Implementing Cache expiring rules for fonts.
As your marketing agency partner, High Level Marketing is constantly looking for ways to optimize user experience, and the Google Core Web Vitals are the best requirements to measure your site’s performance and detect areas for improvement.