Facebook’s Home-Feed Update is Great News for Small Businesses

Posted: in Pulse on the Industry

Facebook just recently announced changes to the home feed that could mean a bigger reach and more discoverability for businesses who regularly publish content to Facebook as part of their content marketing strategy. 

What does this mean for Facebook users?

Facebook users will soon be able to see their favorite content in two tabs: HOME and FEED.

The Home tab will be the view users get when they open their page. It will display posts, reels, stories, and posts from friends and family along with content they’ve opted into AND content Facebook thinks is relevant to the user based on machine learning and AI. It will display in the order Facebook thinks is most relevant to the user.

The Feed tab will feature posts from friends and family in much the same way you see them now.

Zuckerberg explains the primary benefit is that the Feed tab makes it easier to keep up with friends and family.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Home tab gives Facebook another place to feature unsolicited content in front of its users.

What does this mean for social media marketers?

It could mean more opportunities for your business to get content in front of people looking for your services or products but may not have heard of you. We'll keep you posted!

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