Direct site navigation via voice arrives on iOS Bing Search app

Posted: in SEO and Content Marketing

Microsoft’s Bing Search App has been updated with a new design aesthetic and its latest update, version 6.48, brings direct site navigation via voice to iOS users.

For users who prefer to navigate via voice, the Bing Search app provides one more option and contributes to increased adoption. The Bing Search app navigation bar, which includes a carousel of categories such as “near me,” “news,” “movies,” “images,” and more, is also a relatively new UI feature that makes some of the most common verticals accessible as soon as the user opens the app. SEO and UX optimization (something that HLM's Footprint does specifically for voice search) when target prospects select navigation categories that are relevant to your business.

With double-digit growth of voice search in 2019, it's no surprise that search engines (and Amazon) are looking to increase features of voice integration. Forward-thinking digital marketing strategy is an absolute must to take advantage of this growing channel; HLM has you covered. 


Michael Cipielewski
Director of Digital Marketing

Michael Cipielewski is the Director of Marketing at HLM, an avid reader, Podcast enthusiast, geek dad, and rescuer of Pomeranians.