Creating an HVAC and Plumbing Website that Converts

Did you know that making a few small changes to your website can significantly improve the number of leads that you generate from visitors? Imagine you drive 2,000 visitors to your website per month that generate 100 inbound leads (5% conversion rate). Making a handful of changes could move your conversion rate to 10%, which would result in 2X the inbound lead volume. How does that make you feel? Here are a few tips for creating an HVAC or Plumbing website that improves your visit-to-conversion rate.


#1 Speed up your website Research suggests that the majority of website visitors have a low tolerance for websites that take longer than 6 seconds to load. After 6 seconds, most visitors will bounce from the website so they can visit another. In other words, your page load speed affects the bottom line. As an HVAC and/or Plumbing contractor, improving your website speed on mobile is critical as most visitors need your services now and will likely visit your website on their mobile device and a fast website can help support better SEO for HVAC and Plumbing businesses. We see approximately 70%+ of our customer’s website traffic being on mobile. So what are a few simple ways to improve speed?

  • Compress images on your website – images that are too large can slow down the rendering of your website. Ask your website developer to check for image size and compress them if needed.
  • Plugins can slow down the website – plugins are added features on your website that can drag down the speed. Ask your developer to check on the plugins to ensure they are absolutely necessary. If not, take them off as they’re likely not worth it.
  • 3rd party applications can slow down the website – 3rd party applications such as live chat features, review code, tracking code, etc. can cause your website to slow down. Many of these added applications/codes may be necessary for your website, but it’s important to regularly check to ensure you don’t have unnecessary code.
  • Servers make an impact – the server you are using can slow down your website speed. At BELL, we recently moved all of our customer’s websites to a faster cloud-based server to improve the rendering speed. If your site is a bit sluggish, we’d be happy to run a test to see if server speed is an issue.

#2 Create consistent call-to-action buttons It’s human nature to think that adding several call-to-action buttons on your website with multiple messages makes sense. On the contrary, research suggests you should drive home a single call-to-action throughout your website. Examples of this might be:

  • Schedule Service
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Speak with a representative
  • Schedule Now

By sticking to a single CTA you can drive the precise interaction you’re hoping for.

#3 Place your Reviews front-and-center For those in need of your HVAC and/or plumbing services, the decision-making process for choosing a contractor is typically very short. That means you have a few seconds to convince your website visitor that they should call you. Placing the number of 5-star reviews you’ve received on your homepage or landing page can help bridge the trust chasm that exists when a new potential prospect visits your website. These are the types of Reviews you should solicit and promote:

  • Google Reviews – These reviews are likely the most valuable as they can be promoted and help with your Google map rankings.
  • Angie’s List – Generating feedback on Angie’s list can be promoted on your website to help generate credibility.
  • PulseM – PulseM helps you gather feedback on your technicians. Their website integration makes it easy to view reviews that you’ve received. It’s important to note that there are several review solicitation platforms similar to PulseM. Do your research and choose the one that fits your needs the most.

#4 Make it easy for visitors to call you As stated above, most of your website traffic will be on mobile devices where consumers demand a frictionless experience. In order to accomplish this, you must make clicking a button to call easy. Think about keeping your phone number at the top of each page of your website and ensure that when someone taps on it, it dials you directly. Here are some mistakes we see when we audit our new customer’s websites:

  • Phone numbers aren’t front and center – if a consumer has to visit the Contact Us page or needs to scroll to the bottom to find your phone number, you’re likely reducing your conversion rate as a result.
  • Phone numbers are too small – if a visitor has to pinch their phone to zoom in, you should consider making the CTAs and phone number larger so that it’s always a tap away.
  • Make your CTAs clickable phone numbers – if you’re using one of the recommended CTAs above, such as “Schedule Service”, the tap of this button should dial your business directly.

Your website should be one of your greatest assets! It’s something that needs to be consistently worked on and improved if you wish to turn that asset into a lead machine. If you’re concerned about the value your website is producing or you just want a professional to run a quick audit, we’d be happy to provide recommendations for free. It could mean hundreds of additional leads per month and faster growth for your contracting business.

Get a website that drives more traffic and converts more leads!


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