Celebrating Halloween at the Office During Social Distancing

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Holidays are a great chance to bring some new energy into the office. Themed office events in the past have been a chance for the High Level Marketing staff to have some fun, work together on an outside project, break out of the day-to-day, express themselves, and team up for some good 'ole competition against other departments.

Holidays will be different for HLM as they will be different for everyone this year. Let’s take a look at HLM’s Halloween last year before the pandemic and this year during our remote, social distancing policy. 

Halloween Last Year at HLM

Halloween last year started small, but the teams all made it something special. Each department worked together to decorate an area of the office based on their team theme. People started coming in early and after hours, some even using their lunches to help bring their area together. Then, on Halloween, everyone dressed up according to their theme. We had to get work done for most of the day, but our company meeting featured some spooky show and tell, plus a little competition.The performance management group gets into decorating.

The content department got all dressed up as the Dexter crew.


The SEO team is ready for the holidays with a Stranger Things theme.

The account management team thought it was hunting season, not halloween.

Halloween 2020 - COVID style

We had to switch things up this year. Since we have been remote since March and will be for the foreseeable future, we did a zoom hangout for Halloween. People dressed up and our own Director of Performance Management, Lauren Hawkins, hosted a fun Halloween scavenger hunt this morning.

She gave us five minutes to find as much as we could in our homes - whoever found the most would win a gift card. It was a close one and some people had to get creative. The list she gave us is below (just in case you want to do something similar with another holiday). 

  • Candy corn
  • Witches hat
  • Carved pumpkin
  • Spider
  • Pumpkin spice flavor
  • Skeleton decoration
  • Mum plant
  • A mask
  • Glow sticks
  • Spider webs
  • Trick or Treat bag
  • The phrase “trick or treat”
  • White pumpkin
  • Fall leaves
  • A Halloween themed door wreath
  • Corn on the cob
  • Scary bird
  • Witches Brew wine
  • A pumpkin seed
  • Picture of kids in Halloween costumes
  • Package of M&M’s
  • The number 31
  • Corn stalk
  • Hay
  • Boo Sign
  • Fall scented candle
  • Pet costume
  • Wand

Company Meeting with Costume Prizes

The day ended with our company meeting. We took care of business, but we did so in style. Everyone who could dress up, did. Below are the winners for the best costume (Angela Bates), the funniest costume (Mark Hosch), and the scariest costume (Amanda Jukuri). 


Angela got all dressed up and took the top prize this Halloween.

Mark took on the part of Jeff, the many colorful sides of Jeff.

Amanda went the furthest with her make-up and costume this year.

Holidays are Different This Year, but Team Morale is Still Going Strong at HLM

We have had to change so much this year in response to COVID-19. I have noticed us adapting to change, being flexible, and resiliently supporting each other through this tough time. How is your team adapting to holidays this year?

Jake Belknap
Content Manager