Can You Really Write Good Blog Content in 100 Words or Less?

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We. Support. Blogs.

Let us clarify… We support GOOD blogs.

Blogs are great ways to provide additional updated content to your website without modifying the entire site itself. They are effective connectors between people searching on the web and your website. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) the content in your blog posts are relevant to the content that is currently on your website. Friends, you should not be writing posts about music on a dental blog, no matter how cool that new Taylor Swift song is.

Note: Also, by the end of this sentence, we will have already hit the 100-word mark.


Does Size Really Matter?

We are firm believers that you should write until your idea is clearly understood by your readers. Write for as long as that takes regardless of the word count. Do you think the first 100 words of this article answered the question “Can you really write good blog content in less than 100 words or less?” with enough detail to fully understand it? Obviously not because you're still here reading.

If you can completely explain your concept in 100 words or less with true high-quality content, then by all means, go for it. Although the chances of this succeeding are less than one in a million, we suppose it is possible.

Usually, the length of content is dependent on your goals and your audience. If you have goals of providing content that draws in readers, or if you're trying to get them to convert, shorter copy that is easily scannable may be the better way to go. If you have goals to solve a problem for your readers, or you want them to comprehend something in detail, it is certainly better to produce longer, more narrowly-focused content. This Neilson Norman Group link goes into this topic with greater detail.

Regardless of your word count, there are a few things to keep in mind.


Google Sees All (Or Lack Thereof)

Firstly, (unless you are solely a blogging site) the motivations for posting blogs come from drawing people to your website to complete an action be it clicking, purchasing, or filling out forms. You also want to produce content that will encourage people to provide backlinks to your website when they share your posts. Even if you are a blogging site, the overall idea is to get people to stay on your website for a longer period of time so you can reduce bounce rates.

Both of these factors affect your SEO rankings with search engines. It is important to note that blogs should not be full of unrelated content for the simple fact of adding to your word count. Having high-quality content will always be the first priority, however, these other elements come close behind it. Google has an ever-changing algorithm that helps determine relevance- and therefore website rankings. Typically, high ranking websites on Google have articles that are longer, but very focused on their topic at hand. They are not stuffed with keywords or unrelated fluff, and they answer the questions people are searching for.


Word Count vs. Quality Content

In summary, instead of focusing on word count, you should be writing quality content for your audience. Not only will this help you with your website rankings, but it will also build strong relationships with your readers because you are answering their questions and providing useful information to them. This will cycle and keep them coming back to your site in the future.

Remember these helpful tips when you are creating blog content:

  • Quality over quantity- Every. Time.
  • Stay focused: Be sure to write about topics that are relevant to your industry and your business
  • incorporate  appropriate backlinks into your posts
  • Write high-quality content for your readers
  • Know your target audience and be able to identify your blogging goals
  • Include precise keywords and phrases to help with SEO rankings
  • Did we mention writing high-quality content?


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