The typical paragraph is five sentences long with five words per sentence.

Therefore, a blog post that consists of 100 words is four short paragraphs comprised of very brief, simple sentences. Sounds easy peasy to me. But does that make for good content? Can you really write a solid blog post in 100 words or less?

Note: If I were trying to stay under 100 words, I would already be more than halfway through my blog post now.

A popular rumor floating around is that blog posts & web pages need to be at least 300 words long to appeal to search engines. This is not true. While search engine algorithms are constantly changing, the quality of the content ranks much higher than the quantity. According to recent Google algorithm changes, the search engine will penalize the following:

  • Websites with excessive links back from content farms.
  • Websites that operate as content farms.
  • Sites with poor content.
  • Sites with excessive adverts.
  • Sites with too much SEO over-optimized sites and black hat - techniques.
  • Websites containing poor grammar.
  • Websites taking too long to load.
  • Duplicate content in addition to the so-called duplicate content penalty.
  • High bounce rate - visitors leaving as soon as they arrive.
  • Excessive broken links and 404 errors.
  • Poor SEO in Head section: Title and Meta Description tags.
  • Low word count in content (Matt Cutts recommends a minimum of 600-700 words.)
  • Spammy unregulated comments in blogs.
  • Unregulated spammy links in blogs.

Did you catch that? Matt Cutts, head of Google webspam, suggest 600-700 words per web page.  Does that mean every web page has to be at least 600 words?


Many high-ranking websites have achieved great results from regularly producing high quality content that’s well under the 600 word mark. Some even under 400 words. Again, it’s about quality not quantity.  

But with these recent algorithm changes in mind, you have to ask yourself: is it possible to write a 100 word blog post that contains information that is both useful and engaging – deeming it ‘high quality?’

The answer is ‘probably not.’ Naturally, you’ll need more words to bring value to the page. Everyone is writing content these days; it’s up to you to stand out from the crowd with quality data that entices both search engines and human beings.

At the end of the day, the occasional 100 word count blog post shouldn’t hurt your search rankings as long as you are focusing on quality. If you are going to write a short blog post, be sure to focus on:

The six points above should always be your focus when writing content for your site.  So whether you’re writing 100 words or 700, the content is deemed high-quality by Google – resulting in high page rank for the keywords and phrases that will drive potential customers to your website.

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