As a business owner/CEO/Co-Founder/wearer of many hats, my day can get away from me very quickly . Managing my daily schedule is a job in itself, and I’ve been on the hunt for a tool that easily streamlines my calls, appointments, and meetings all within my Google calendar.

Today, I’m happy to finally say that I’ve found the tool that makes this all happen: Calendly.

As Calendly’s homepage states, ‘Say goodbye to email tag for scheduling appointments, interviews, calls, demos, and much more,’ this tool takes the hassle out of synchronizing the communication between you and your contacts (employees, leads, customers, contacts, etc.) - ultimately saving a ton of time in the end.

My favorite thing about this tool is the clean and simple layout - which really creates an easy-to-use interface that all levels of technological savviness should find effortless.

Once you’ve set-up an account (bonus: they have a 14-day Premium Trial), you simply set your availability preferences in Calendly.


Calendly set up


Then, simply share your personal Calendly link(s) with your clients, colleagues, employees, etc.


calendly link


When they click the link, they’re presented with a very intuitive calendar that allows them to choose the date and time that you’ve deemed available (Calendly syncs with your existing calendars - Google, Outlook, iCal, etc.).  





You can also create custom form fields that allow you to collect important information that you can use to prepare for the meeting.


Once they fill out their information and set the appointment, both parties are alerted with a confirmation email - and the appointment is automatically created in your synced calendars!

Here’s the best part, it’s a free tool!  They currently offer two levels: Basic (free) and Premium ($8-10/month).  Visit the pricing page to discover the differences between the two, and to see which option suits you and your needs.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, and the above links are not affiliate links.  I’m simply a satisfied customer that wants to share this awesome tool with our dedicated audience.

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