Advancing Our Support: More People, More Accessibility

2018 has been a pretty amazing year for us- we’ve won a couple of awards, hired some talented new people, and started rolling out the technology and products that will make it easier for both of us to manage the success of your digital marketing strategy. What does this mean for you?

We're Doing More to Meet Your Expectations

A huge part of ensuring your strategy’s success is agreeing on what success means for your business month-over-month and year-over-year. For our new clients, it starts with agreeing on expectations, deliverables, and what data we use to measure success. 

For those reasons and more, we are excited to introduce our most recent hire, Grant Kravitz, HLM’s VP of Delivery. Grant brings to the HLM team 20 years of experience building strong client relationships with some of the most recognized Fortune 500 companies, such as Sony PlayStation, eBay, Kellogg's, Disney, Nestle, and Taco Bell. His primary focus is to ensure our team meets your needs and expectations, and that we have a clear and consistent delivery of service, products, and support that meets HLM’s high standards.

We're Doing More for Customer Support

Early 2019, we will be rolling out a new support section in your Performance Dashboard. What does this mean for you? More accessibility! Right now, we have an amazing customer support team who answers your questions by phone and email. In 2019, you’ll still be able to call or email us for support, but this new portal provides one more way to get the support you need. Simply click open your HLM Performance Dashboard any time, day or night, and submit your request online. You’ll be able to monitor the status of all your requests (phoned in, emailed, or online) as well as access FAQs and other helpful articles, all in one convenient location. Keeping you informed is just one way for us all to be on the same page. 

When you partner with HLM, you not only get an entire team of experienced, data-driven, marketing professionals, you get a digital marketing company that continually invests in the teams and technology to ensure your success. 

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