A Look at How High Level Marketing's Staff Celebrate the Holidays

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As the year begins to wind down, we come to the holiday season. There are so many “reasons for the season” with at least nine (and maybe 12) holidays being celebrated in the US and abroad. This year has been a tough one and one of great change. We will take almost any reason to celebrate!

Aside from the larger celebrations, we know people like to celebrate with their friends or family with their own flair. Below you will find a few High Level Marketing staff members sharing how they will celebrate their holidays during December.

Ryan Hegedus

It'll definitely be different this year - facetime with out-of-state family, socially-distanced gathering with the 2-3 people who live in-state - but still trying to make it as festive for Pete and Eliza. Annie found a ton of Christmas crafts and activities for Pete to do (12 days of Christmas books, a 25-day "kindness chain" of nice things to do for people, etc.), and we're lucky to live so close to downtown with a ton of cool Christmas lights and decorations.

Shelby Packard

You can put me down for celebrating Festivus (hehe). My entire family including extended are big Seinfeld fans and every year on the 23rd they start a group chat and we all jokingly go around and air our family grievances... It's a fun, odd tradition that keeps my family connected and playful and this year I'm sure there will be plenty of grievances going around.

Jennifer Rascher

We watch A Christmas Story and It's A Wonderful Life approximately 4,847,372,383,472 times leading up to Christmas. On Christmas, we wake up really early and make coffee, and we put the omelet casserole and cinnamon rolls in the oven. While breakfast is baking, we open presents! Usually, we have already had 3 mimosas, full hearts, full bellies, and an epic battle of some sort before 8 AM. Later in the morning, we go on a family hike to our fav. spot and talk about our year, what we are thankful for, and that's when we decide as a family how we are going to give back in the next year. Sometimes we do this with others in the family, sometimes not. Sometimes we have family dinner, or sometimes we go to visit our fav. Chinese restaurant. This year we are having dinner, and I'm thankful for that. I miss seeing my nuggets with their cousins and "breaking bread.”

Wesley Mathews

My kids wake up @ the butt crack of dawn, say 5:30 or prior. Fire up the coffee, try and locate the zing zang. The night prior, we have dinner then do stockings, always. I think even when my kids are in their 30's they are going to want me to do stocking xmas eve. We always mix in home alone, xmas story, polar express and I'm usually the one that ends up watching as the kids scatter.....

Sounds weird, but the one thing I  appreciate is that we hang out together as a family in our living room together... and we stay there all day. People come and go - but we just spend time together and nothing else matters. No tech, No worries, etc.

Teri Marie Klein

My husband and I wear pajamas all day, and I cook a massive breakfast. We watch Christmas movies and open our gifts after breakfast. We would normally have family over or go to family, but this year we're doing 3 zoom gift exchanges.

Jake Belknap
Content Manager