Senior Living Marketing: 5 Ways to Boost Occupancy in Your Assisted Living Facility from the Experts At High Level Marketing
There's no doubt the pandemic spurred many operational changes within your assisted living...
Best Assisted Living Websites: 5 UX Elements to Make Your Phone Ring - Tips From a Top Healthcare Marketing Agency
The senior housing market is getting more competitive and complex as searching for a trusted senior...
Want a more complete snapshot of your customers' journeys from awareness to purchase? Google heard.
Meet GA4, Google's newest update to their already robust Google Analytics platform. To help break it down, the analytics experts at High Level Marketing put together this handy guide with the most important takeaways and changes for GA4.
The Increasing Importance of Customer Reviews
As a business owner (or the point person responsible for managing your company’s marketing...
How Do I Get My Website to Rank Higher with Search Engines?
Understanding Google's E-A-T metric will help you rank higher in search results.
Website Design & Development: Should You Trust a Freelancer or Hire an Agency to Get You Results? Our COO's Answer May Surprise You!
We live in a digital age in which customers visit brick-and-mortar locations less often to shop and...
Google Link Spam Update: What You Need to Know
Roughly four weeks ago, Google began a rollout of the link spam update, and according to Danny Sullivan of Google, it is officially deployed. Here’s what you need to know:
Building Your Brand Online: 6 Things You Need to Do Now to Gain Traction in a Competitive Local Market
Over the past 10-15 years, building a strong online presence has evolved from being a nice-to-have...
21 Healthcare Marketing Tips from a Leader in Digital Marketing for Doctors
When creating a medical practice marketing roadmap, we recommend breaking it down into 4 pillars. These include building an incredible foundation, gaining visibility on page 1 of Google, building brand awareness and re-engaging your audience. By tackling these four pillars, your practice will be set up to successfully grow in your local market.
How Your Practice Can Use Content Marketing to Win New Patients!
Patients today are taking an active role in their healthcare by accessing the many resources they...
3 Reasons Why Search Engines Are Impacting Your Practice’s Revenue
Let's talk about how search engines are impacting your practice. Did you know...
Google Core Web Vitals Update
As your marketing agency partner, High Level Marketing is constantly looking for ways to optimize user experience, and the Google Core Web Vitals are the best requirements to measure your site’s performance and detect areas for improvement. Keep reading to see how we put them into play.
How Much Should You Invest in Sales and Marketing?
Last week I attended the American Marketing Association’s January Luncheon. It’s no...

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