More than 72 million homes in the United States have central air conditioning, and the number continues to grow.

In such a competitive industry, how can your HVAC business can stand out above the others?

We believe a successful digital marketing strategy can help you achieve your business goals, and this easy to follow guide will cover all the basics your industry needs for online success!

Website Basics

Your company’s website is often a potential client’s first impression of your business, so we want it to be a great one. If you are currently unhappy with your website, or perhaps your business doesn’t have one at all, we would be more than happy to help you set up a professional website.

Here's an example from a recent design we did for our client, Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating.  

Example of HVAC website

If you’d like to go at it yourself, here are a few essentials every HVAC website should include:

  1. A relevant domain name. If your company’s name is already registered to someone else, simply try to create something similar or play around with the wording.
  2. An easy-to-navigate homepage. Visitors should be able to browse and find the information they are looking for quickly.
  3. Current contact information. Your address, phone number, email, and social network icon links should all be current.
  4. A solid company description of who you are and what services you provide. Remember you have less than two seconds to make a first impression online.
  5. A call-to-action & lead form. Tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do and how to do it.  For instance, ‘Fill out the form for a free installation estimate!”
  6. Fresh content. Keep your HVAC website constantly updated with fresh and unique content. Blogging adds immense value to your website and business (we’ll touch more on this later).
  7. Search Engine Optimization. In order for your local audience to find you via search online, your website & Google Places listing must be optimized.

Of course, if you haven’t updated your website in a year or so, you’re probably in need of a refresh.  

High Level Marketing’s web design services have been able to transform over 1100 local small businesses, all at an affordable price. Check out our portfolio for some examples! 

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