7 Essential Things Every Small Business Website Needs

For any small business, your website is the heart of your online marketing.

No small business is complete without a professional website that serves as their 24/7 storefront. But your standard ‘About Us’ page or contact details isn’t enough. A successful small business website has specific elements that can’t be missed.

If you miss out on these elements, you might be missing out on critical information and features that could be losing you a lot of business opportunities. These elements make for a first good impression to visitors and aid them to find your site, including:

Easy to find contact details

What’s the primary action you want your website visitors to take when they land on your site? Do you want them to call? Request a consultation? Visit your location?

Whatever the action is, it’s absolutely critical to list updated contact information in a visible location on your website.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s a commonly missed element on many small business websites. In fact, 60% of small businesses in the U.S are missing a contact number on their home page, according to Your visitors need a way to contact you. Whether you’re a local or online business, your contact details need to be clearly visible.

Whether that’s an added page to your website or contact details on the footer or sidebar of your website, it has to be clear!

SEO-optimized pages

Your website won’t do you any good if no one can even find it. More than 70% of consumer searches on the Internet are for local businesses, so you need to make sure your website is easily found.

You need to make sure to:

  • use the right keywords throughout your text,
  • include links, proper names for your page titles and URLS,
  • and include relevant images/videos.

It’s important to spotlight the services you provide in the geographic area you provide them so the search engines can effectively deliver your information to the very people who are searching for it. If you have any unique capabilities and/or offer any other specialized services, be sure to emphasize them so it’s clear what separates you from your competitors.

Easy navigation

There is nothing more frustrating than landing on a website that’s cluttered with information and no easy way to find any of it. Your navigation needs to be clearly laid out. If that means including a drop-down navigation menu so visitors can see the content under every heading, that works. Simplicity is always best.

You want to make sure that regardless of where someone is on your website, they’re a single click away from main pages without any confusion.

Regularly updated blog page

Having a small business website with static content is not enough to keep your visitors coming back. Unless you’re an eCommerce store with weekly specials, you need to have a reason for your visitors to return on a regular basis.

A blog page is the answer.

Not only will blogging provide your searchers with something useful or entertaining, but a blog page will:

  • keep your website fresh in Google’s mind,
  • be preferred by search engines because search engines favor sites that are regularly updated, so adding regularly updated, high-quality content will lead to higher rankings and more visitors,
  • and showcases you as an expert since a professional, regularly updated blog filled with valuable information within your industry is a great way to present yourself as an expert in your area of service.

Real testimonials

Visitors have to trust you, and your website will be their first impression. It’s a MAJOR factor in generating leads. With that being said, you have to make sure you include a testimonials/reviews page to showcase how happy previous customers have been with your work.

Clear examples of your previous work are the best way to show prospective new customers what you’re capable of. Before and after photos of any service you do will show your potential customers what they can expect when working with you, so make sure it looks good.

Social elements

Every business needs social elements. So, make sure to add all links to your social channels somewhere on your home page, preferably in the footer, so visitors can follow you on the channels they prefer.

According to a Hubspot report, 70% of consumers aged 45 to 60 think a brand should be on Facebook and 95% of millennials expect a Facebook page. Those expectations may be lower for local businesses, but not by much. And that’s just one social platform.

Whether your business is currently using social media or you’re just starting to integrate social media into your marketing efforts, it’s a great (and free) way to increase presence, community, and online visibility for your business.

Sleek design

Forbes said it best. “Web surfers have the attention spans of drunken gnats.”

Reality is, web surfers scan a web page to sample the content first before they decide to slow down and read the full story. To enhance a user’s experience on your small business website, you have to make sure that content and everything in between:

  • looks good for scanning,
  • looks good on all devices (responsive),
  • functions well (website speed),
  • and looks professional/polished.

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