5 Ways Social Media Can Help Attract And Retain Patients

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Seventy-one percent of adults have at least one social media account and 54% of these individuals are actively using 2 or more social channels. That means not only are your current and potential patients likely using social media. They’re likely on multiple platforms. When it comes to marketing your Medical Practice, it's critical that you leverage your social media channels to drive success.



Here Are 5 Ways You Can Attract and Retain Patients Using Your Social Media Channels

1. Post often so current and potential new patients see your activity. For starters, maintaining a steady presence is key. Forty-one percent of patients say social media influences their decision when choosing a healthcare provider so it's important to keep a consistent social media presence so your practice stays on the minds of your current patients. It also influences new patients to choose your practice of your competitors.

2. Upload fresh content and images. Just like your website, patients utilize social media to find informative content and images from your practice in order to help make their decisions. This provides a huge opportunity for you to post before and after photos, descriptive content, or blogs in order to further influence your patients to come to you for their needs.

3. Post stories to give your patients a personalized story.Patients are extremely likely to engage with and watch your stories. In fact, ⅓ of the most viewed stories on social media come from business accounts. Utilizing features like Stories helps to give your patients a behind-the-scenes look at your practice, providing a more personalized experience, as if they’re in the practice with you.

4.Use direct messaging to communicate and book appointments. Studies have shown patients are increasingly more likely to reach out or ask questions through social media. On Facebook, you can even set up your business account so your messages pop up automatically as soon as the user lands on the page. Have someone on staff who is in charge of answering social media messages from Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and use this as another oppy to book appointments.

5. Increase your leads with social media ads. Additionally to posting organically, ads on social media should also be a part of your social strategy. You’ll be able to target your ideal patient on social media by building custom audiences that can drive the best possible leads to your practice. You can also set up remarketing ads. This way, you’re encouraging website visitors to come back to your website and reach out to you.

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