If you’re not a professional writer, coming up with a relevant topic that your target audience would find intriguing and putting it into words can be an intimidating task.  

questions to ask before publishing a blog postUnless you have the luxury of an SEO company that handles your blog writing, learning this skill will be necessary in order to implement an effective content marketing strategy for your business. To offer some guidance in crafting high quality blog posts every time, ProBlogger offers 5 important questions to consider before publishing:

1.    Does your topic appeal to your target audience? 

Making yourself aware of content that creates buzz among your target customer base will help you in selecting relevant topics to write about that will inspire conversation.

2.    Did you site credible sources in your content? 

If your information can’t be validated by a credible source, you are putting yourself at risk of sharing inaccurate information, which can ultimately hurt your image of being a trusted resource for your target audience.

3.    Is your blog post original? 

While there are probably several versions of content on the Internet about your same topic, differentiating your post by imposing your unique voice and viewpoint is essential.

4.    Does your blog post provide useful information to your target audience?

People are surfing the Web to gain information, and offering value by sharing industry trends and need-to-know news is key to building your followers.

5.    Did you proofread your blog post? 

While it can be extremely tempting to press “publish” after cranking out a lengthy blog post, you should always proofread it first to make sure that it flows well and does not have grammatical errors. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to capture your reader’s attention within the first 100 words of the blog post.

If you can’t answer all of the questions above with a definitive ‘yes,’ it appears that you still have some work to do before publishing the post on your blog. 

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