Brainstorming for captivating content ideas can often, more times than not, be a challenging task.

We recently discussed why a website is nearly useless without quality content, and since this is a common obstacle for our readers and clients, we wanted to expand on this topic by sharing some of our favorite resources for creating powerful content.big ideas for powerful content

Hopefully, this list will prove to be beneficial with your own content marketing strategy.

Addressing questions and issues your target audience is dealing with is a great resource for powerful content. To do so, you need to know what these hot topics are.

Here are some great ways that you can stay in tune with these issues:

  1. Know who the influencers are in your industry - Every industry has an online expert that attracts attention through the content they produce.  Find them. Read their blogs, tweets, and status updates to see what issues they are addressing. Then use that information to start brainstorming on how you can address similar topics in your own way.
  2. Figure out what's stirring up conversations online - When you find these industry experts, take notice of the bottom comment section on their posts.  Look for patterns of article topics that push the right buttons and get people talking. 
  3. Take advantage of Google Alerts to stay up to date with the latest breaking news in your industry. It's free, it's easy, and it will deliver the information you need right to your inbox.
  4. Survey your audience. Utilize your social media and email resources to survey or poll your existing audience on their most pressing issues. Collect this data, figure out what they want to see more of, and execute. 
  5. Search the most popular social media platforms using keywords to uncover hot air.  Social media isn't just about pushing out content; it's also perfect for researching.  There are literally millions of social posts published per hour, and inside there are hundreds of potential customers spilling the beans on things they want.  

The term 'Content is King' has been floating around now for 3+ years now; and because of it the internet is littered with content.  Most of it is bad, some is good, very little is great.  But that's not because it isn't achievable; it's because most don't take the time to research and figure out exactly what their prospective customers are searching for.  

If you can discover their pain points and create solutions in the form of content, then you'll be discovered, appreciated, and trusted as valuable source. 

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