As the owner of a landscaping company, your focus on growing your business.

It’s about driving phone calls and leads that result in estimates, bids, and jobs. 

While you should always work to grow your business through referrals and word of mouth, don’t overlook online marketing as a growth tool.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to land your landscaping company more business. 

Here are 5 creative ideas for earning more business without breaking the bank!

Email Your Contacts

While your closet friends and family probably know about your landscaping company, other members of your community may not.

We recommend you send an email to everyone on your contact list (both personal and profession), tastefully discussing what sets your business apart, and why you’d love to work with them.

Consider ending the email by asking them to forward it to anyone who may be interested in landscaping services, to help widen your reach.

You could even sweeten the deal by offering a discount to anyone who sends referral business your way!

Create & Post Videos to Youtube

Studies show that video content is an incredibly powerful modern marketing tool.

78% of people watch videos online every week, so give them a chance to watch your content.

You can easily create beautiful videos on your smartphone, featuring landscaping tutorials, before and after clips and makeover projects.

This is the perfect way to position yourself as the expert in your field. Give landscaping tips, highlight recent work that you’ve done, and show behind the scenes shots of your crew and operations. 

If you aren’t familiar with the world of video marketing, here is a quick tutorial on how to make a YouTube video.

Leverage Social Media

If your landscaping company doesn’t have a social media strategy, you are missing out on a very powerful (and free!) resource.

According to Forbes Magazine, 78% of salespeople who use social media outsell their peers.

While there are numerous popular social sites, we recommend you focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest for your business. LinkedIn is your best bet for the sales side.

Here's some more information on driving traffic with social media marketing to help you leverage these popular networks. 

Make Great Content

There’s a popular saying, ‘Content Is King,’ and we couldn’t agree more. Routinely writing blog content helps your SEO ranking, which then drives traffic to your website, establishes your landscaping company as an industry authority, and helps convert prospects into customers.

When it comes to ‘what to write about,’ think about the most frequently asked questions you receive from prospects and customers. Answer each one of them in a detailed blog post – it’s that simple!  

If you don’t currently blog on your website, or need help creating a strategy, we recommend you read our previous article, 6 Steps to Writing More Effective Blog Posts.

SEO Optimized Website

We briefly touched on search engine optimization (SEO) above, but it’s too important to skim over. If you can only focus on one area of online marketing, we recommend it be your website’s search engine optimization.

An optimized website is the best way to rank on the first page of Google, which will drive more traffic, leads, and sales.  Considering the top 5 website results on any given search get 75% of the clicks, you can’t afford not to pay attention to this marketing tactic.

If you don’t have the technical skills to execute proper SEO, High Level Marketing has some very affordable monthly SEO options that’ll deliver a positive ROI for your business.

While there are numerous tutorials and guides out there to help you master the art of SEO, we recommend you don’t set a strategy in place without first consulting a professional marketing agency.

Like we mentioned previously, SEO is the singular most important factor to the long-term success of your landscaping companies digital marketing.  Contact us today, and we’ll give you a complimentary consultation to make sure your business is on the right track!  

Want to learn more about growing your landscaping business? Check out this awesome Slideshare presentation: