5 Easy Holiday Online Marketing Ideas

The holiday season is the time for your business to get in the black or break the bank! While the major corporations and retail chains are pouring millions into advertising and marketing, small businesses can now compete with a much small investment in marketing this holiday season.  

Here are five holiday marketing tips that may improve your chances of scoring big with your online customers this holiday season.

1. Find Your Loss Leader and Make an Offer They Cannot Refuse.

A ‘loss leader’ is a product or service that you sell at a loss in an effort to attract customers.  

When people get started shopping during the holiday season, they spend big. The problem is getting them in the door, to begin with. Find the product that everyone loves - the one that brings customers in the door - even if that product or service has less than desirable profit margins.

Tell your sales team (or just remind yourself) that the job is to upsell other products once that first product brings the customer in!

2. Get Your Website Optimized for All Smartphones and Tablets.

Eighty percent of customers this holiday season will look up a product on their mobile device before committing to a sale.

Your customers are actually very likely to come into your storefront, find the product they want and look it up for a review on an iPhone before they buy it. You must prepare your website for this activity. Ideally, you want a website that is ‘responsive’ - which means it adjusts to the person’s screen size (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet) and provides the same user experience every time. You will probably need to outsource the creation of the site, but it’s an investment well worth the costs considering the trend in mobile phone use.

3.  Invest in a Paid Advertising Program to Run along with Your Other Marketing Efforts.

Google and the other major search engines allow companies to pay for ads that appear in premier locations. Now is the time to use that extra marketing money for a paid advertising program, especially Pay-Per-Click (PPC). The holiday season provides the confidence in knowing that customers are definitely looking to spend money - the trick is to get your company in front of them at the right time online.

4. Refocus Your Landing Pages.

Your website needs to give visitors an enticing and obvious offer. And this offer needs an intuitive ‘button’ that attracts their eyes, making them click to take advantage. All of this needs to live on a landing page - a unique page on your site that has only one goal: to convert visitors.

perfect landing page

5.  Analyze Your Previous Data

Good business people always rely on past statistics and data. If you have been in business for more than one year, you have records that you can draw on during this holiday season. You can avoid spending money on marketing that does not work by simply reminding yourself that it did not work last year.

Check out your sales from last year, and where they came from exactly.  See which product sold the most, what services were the most requested, and what marketing efforts proved most effective.  Research and repeat!

The sixth, and extra bonus tip is to simply optimize your website for search.  Today, people turn to the internet to find everything they need. From answer on how to “choose the best…” to “gifts for dad”, people are looking for what you’re offering.  You just need to make sure your website is optimized in a way that ensures you potential customers find you online.

We can help, and we have for over 1100 businesses in the past 6 years.  Click here to book a free call with a member of our team.  Let’s talk about how we can help boost your sales this holiday season and beyond!

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