Looking for inspiration for how to create captivating blog content? Well look no further!

Instead of using the same old format for your blog posts, you can offer your readers some variance in how you structure your posts. Change things up!

List Post: This type of structure is ideal for helping to simplify a more complex topic. Basically, you use a list to break up the topic into easily comprehendible parts.

Your readers can also skim through this list to gain a general understanding of what your content is about. Pretty much what you’re doing right now with this list-style post!  For extra oomph, start your blog title with a number.  

Posts that begin with a number are proven to have higher click-through rates. Examples:

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Interview Post: One of the best ways to grow your readership is to interview someone that is a thought leader in your industry.

This can make for intriguing blog content that helps to boost SEO as well. Consider going an extra mile and turning your interview into a video. Another idea is to interview the key players in your organization.  

This will help humanize your company and your brand, and give readers an inside look at leadership.


Review Post: Review something that is relevant to your industry and target audience. This could be a book, a new app, or a service that is complimentary to your brand’s offerings.

Always attempt to make your review well-balanced, and reference credible sources to support your findings.

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Different Viewpoint Post: No, I’m not recommended that you necessarily discuss a controversial subject like politics.

Offering a different way of thinking about things though can help to position your brand as a thought leader.

Another spin on this strategy is a ‘negative’ post.  Discuss ‘what not to do’ instead of the usual ‘how-to’ post.

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How-To Post: Opposite of the negative post mentioned above, think about some topics that your target audience would want to see some step-by-step instructions for how to do them.

A blog post is an excellent way to walk your audience through how to do something, and it provides you with an opportunity to share your expertise as well.

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Hopefully, these content marketing & blog writing tactics will be useful as you construct your next blog post! If you have any other blog post strategies that you’ve found to be effective, please share them with us on Facebook!


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