4 Holiday Marketing Tips For Your Twitter Page

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With over 320 million active users, Twitter is an invaluable social media platform your small business should be optimizing on a daily basis, especially during the holidays!

Here are a few quick tips on how to have a festive and interactive Twitter during the holiday season.                                                       

Tip 1 – Show Your Seasonal Spirit

It’s no secret the huge impact visual marketing platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, have had on the online marketing world the past year. Twitter somewhat recently jumped on this popular trend by allowing images to show up directly in your Twitter feed.

Take advantage of this new feature by uploading eye catching, holiday themed images to your feed.

A visual for any particular holiday promotion, product or service you offer would work perfectly. And if you aren’t updating any of your current product lineups for the holiday, you could simply edit your current photos and add in some basic holiday imagery.

High Level Marketing Twitter                                                    

The image above is the snapshot of High Level Marketing Twitter feed. As you can see, the most recent tweet included a photo to promote our Holiday Marketing article. The tweet, which includes an image, is far more eye catching than tweets without an image.

Take advantage of this new feature and be sure to upload a photo with almost every holiday tweet! 

Tip 2 – Try Twitter Ads

If you’ve never considered taking your Twitter Marketing Strategy a step further and using the official Twitter Ads services, think again - business are getting real results from it. Twitter offers a variety of extremely affordable advertising options to really help get the word out about your small business.                    

Twitter Ads are designed to increase brand awareness and widen your audience during the holidays while promoting your seasonal goods. Whether you're targeting a local audience, or you're looking to expand nationwide, you can use Twitter ads to drill down to find your ideal customer.  

Tip 3 – Use Tools To Manage Your Twitter

As a small business owner, you’re used to a super busy schedule – especially during the holidays. With this extra holiday craziness being added to your schedule, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and accidentally fall behind with your social media marketing efforts.

Thankfully there are Twitter management tools out there to lend a helping hand during this season, so you can enjoy the holidays AND stay on top of your marketing efforts. 

Here at High Level Marketing, we use Sendible to manage our Twitter and social media marketing management. 

Tip 4 – Tis’ The Twitter Season For Caring

If there is ever a time when you truly feel part of a caring community, the holidays are it. Something about the long-standing traditions and shared similar experiences brings communities together in a unique way.                 

But what does this mean for your small business?

While you should obviously be focusing on promoting your products and capitalizing on the high seasonal spending, don’t forget to interact and pay attention to your Twitter specific community.

Take the time to engage those who have been active and engaged with your Twitter account over the past year.

Whether you retweet, favorite or simply send them a thankful @reply, don’t make the mistake of getting caught up in your own holiday business and neglecting the people who have supported you over the past year.

Take the time to show your community you appreciate them, and they’ll be around for many more holidays to come

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